This page lists and discusses every single 5 star hero in the game in depth, providing a logical, unbiased assessment of each.

First off, I just wanna point some things out:

  • 5 Star heroes don't have to be used with faction specific decks.
  • They are the only heroes in the game that have Protection, make sure that you use it! It kills me when I see an Oceanus with Faen Stamina.
  • This page contains some 5 star heroes that are either not released yet, or that are very hard to get. I am not limiting it to just 5 star heroes that you could get easily from the Tournament Mall or the Mines.
  • The heroes are in alphabetical order. Sorry Warlock.

Alchemist Edit


"No defense is enough for me to crack!"

Hero Skill: Melt Armor (misspelled in game)
  • Deals initial direct damage to all enemy creatures and inflicts them with Melt Armor. Creatures inflicted with Melt Armor take additional damage when they activate Frost Armor, Immunity, Stoneskin, Block, or Maji Shield. Also, when a creature inflicted with Melt Armor dies, it deals X amount of damage to it's ally creatures.

Role: Aggressive/Sabotage

Pros: Very easy to get from the Mines. Her skill is extremely effective against high leveled players, since most of them use creatures with skills that Melt Armor affects. Also, she can learn Mass Charm and Lucidity, along with Spirit Arbiter.

Cons: Against a deck that has none of the abilities affected, she isn't too useful.

Armageddon Edit


"The days of the living are at their end. The dead shall walk and the world will belong to the Mortii!"

Hero Skill: Reanimate
  • Removes a creature from the enemy's graveyard and summons it to your side of the field with X amount of the creature's original max HP and max ATK.

Role: Summoner/Sabotage

Pros: Has the same main pro as Overlord, in that he removes an enemy creature from their graveyard, so it can no longer be revived or recycled. He also shares one of Oceanus' great aspects, since he is able to steal your enemy's creature and summon a stronger version of it. Also, note that he does have Deathless and Cripple, like Overlord. Due to a recent patch, he is now farmable from the Mines, making him even better. Also due to Oceanus being nerfed, Armageddon is now even better than Oceanus in terms of raw stats. (Oceanus after-nerf clones 50% of the HP and DMG at level one. Armageddon clones 100% HP and DMG at the same level)

Cons: Also, his skill does require your deck to kill the enemy creatures, so having a terrible deck makes him useless.

Overview: Shares great aspects of both Overlord and Oceanus, and is incredibly easy to farm due to the implementation of the Mines.

Blademaster Edit


"Come on, hit me, I'll hit back! With the power of Nature at her most furious!"

Hero Skill: Butcher
  • Deals X + X% of HP lost of direct damage to all enemy creatures and automatically kills those with less than X% of max HP.

Role: Offensive

Pros: He deals direct damage, which is nice since it can't be blocked by anything, and if an enemy creature is almost dead, he just kills it outright.

Cons: Unbelievably weak unless he is at a very high level. Out classed by every other 5 star hero. Has the same talents problem that Captivator has. IGG attempted to buff him, but the buff didn't seem to make him that much better.

Overview: Only good as a collector's item. Every other 5 star hero is far better. He might be a bit better now than he used to be; however, you're still better off sticking with a better hero.

Captivator Edit


"Every Gorgon has a hairy tale or two to share about the secrets to their stunning beauty."

Hero Skill: Crazed Sorrow
  • Makes all enemy creatures deal X% of their current attack to the two creatures next to them, also decreases enemy creatures' HP and Max HP after they have attacked. Creatures under the effect of Crazed Sorrow are immune to control effects.

Role: Sabotage

Pros: A huge pro of Captivator is that her hero skill basically grants your creatures an extra turn, while making the enemy creatures fight themselves.. Now, an extra turn may not seem that important, but it can actually make the difference between winning and losing the battle, trust me. Like all other hero skills, Crazed Sorrow does hit through Immunity and Unbound. And, it is important to point out that after update 6.5.0, Crazed Sorrow now cancels out Discord and Mass Charm. Finally, she can be farmed from the Tournament mall, which is a major plus.

Cons: Unfortunately, she cannot learn Spiky Bits, which is only slightly made up for by the fact that she can learn Sharp Armor. Most of the talents available for her aren't too great, unless you have a Neander deck. The best talents she has that aren't specific to Neanders are Fleshfeast, War Hungry, and Berserk. Also, Warlock counters her pretty well.

Overview: Extremely annoying to the person it is being used against, but she doesn't have too many great talents to choose from.

Druidess Edit

Hero Skill: Storm Ward
  • (exact wording) Casts Ward on your first 1 creatures, allowing them to negate the majority of damage taken and deal 200 Direct Damage to all enemy creatures. Has a 5% chance to prevent enemy creatures from healing this round. Ward will end once triggered 3 times.

Pros: Fantastic against decks that have really tanky creatures. Once leveled up, she becomes borderline overpowered.

Cons: Extremely rare. Incredibly weak at level 1.

Overview: Extremely rare, and really weak until leveled up.

Grand Cleric Edit

Grand cleric card
Hero Skill: Rout
  • (At level 1) Deals 100 (increases by 100 every level) Direct DMG to all enemy creatures.

Role: Offensive

Pros: Grand Cleric is, by design, insanely overpowered. Depending on what challenge is featured in that day's Grimoire, her talents will change accordingly. For example, on days where the challenge is not "Kill the enemy hero", she will have Mantra as one of her talents. Also, her star rating changes depending on the difficulty that you select. Selecting the 5 star difficulty will raise her star rating to 5.

Cons: She is completely unobtainable by any player. Also, her hero skill, even at level 10, really sucks.

Overview: This hero was made in order to create a challenge for players who attempt the Grimoire. You can not obtain her by any means, even if you dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into the game.

Hydra Edit


"Absolute control over both frost and inferno - such is the power I wield."

Hero Skill: Elemental Vapor
  • Deals direct damage to all enemy creatures and has a chance to inflict one or more of the following: freeze, burn, poison, paralysis.

Role: Offensive/Sabotage

Pros: Basically Thor on steroids, since he can inflict more than just paralysis, and he can inflict more than one status effect at a time. The direct damage he deals is also a plus.

Cons: Unless you are Bill Gates, you won't be able to level him up. Also, the direct damage that he deals is very poor, starting at 300, and capping off at 800 at level 10. So leveling him up isn't worth it at all.

Overview: An upgrade from Thor and Odin, but he is almost impossible to level up. Also, he isn't that great overall.

Judgement Edit


"A bumbling ally will kill you faster than the deadliest enemy."

Hero Skill: Earth's Embrace
  • Whenever a friendly creature takes damage, heal all friendly creatures by X.

Role: Support

Pros: Judgement's skill is perfect for players who want their decks to be able to have great sustainability. Having Protection 10 on him will drastically increase your creatures' max health to at least above 3k. Combining that with Lightfoot and his hero skill will ensure that your creatures who come out early in the match will be very hard to kill. Another very good pro is that Judgement is really easy to farm from the Tournament mall.

Cons: One major downside of Judgement is the fact that he is strictly support. His hero skill does nothing to hinder enemy creatures. So, you must rely on your creatures alone to do all of the dirty work. In short, Judgement can't do much for a weak deck, so in order for him to perform at his best, your deck must be very well put together.

Overview: Very good for sustainability, but very weak when used with a sub-par deck.

Light's HandEdit


"The light will show me the way."

Hero Skill: Execute
  • Deals direct damage to all enemy creatures equal to X and has an X% chance to inflict Execute on them. Creatures inflicted with Execute that are killed in 3 rounds and cannot be revived.

Role: Offensive/Sabotage

Pros: Her skill is basically a mixture of Death Curse and Corpse Explosion. If a creature inflicted with Execute is killed, it is completely removed from play, making her very formidable against Revive/ Recycle decks.

Cons: When she isn't leveled up, her ability only has a 1 in 5 chance to inflict Execute, which isn't that great. Very hard to get.

Overview: Really good, but really hard to get.

Oceanus Edit


"The only real conflict you'll ever face won't be with others, but with yourself."

Hero Skill: Clone
  • Creates a copy of the strongest enemy creature on the field and puts it in your control with X% of the original creature's max ATK and max HP. Also, grants the clone Immunity equal to the level of this skill.

Role: Summoner

Pros: Oceanus is really good against players who have great decks, because he uses their own cards against them. If he manages to copy a creature that has revive or recycle, it's basically game over at that point. Also, he can learn Lightfoot, which is a really great ability, and you only need two Faens to activate it.

Cons: The cloned creature soaks up no damage for the hero, like other summoning heroes. So if there is a cloned creature out, and you hit the hero, the cloned creature won't take any damage in place of Oceanus. Also, now that he has been nerfed, he isn't that strong at low levels. You will need Clone at at least level 6 to make it as effective as Clone level 1 pre-patch. He now catches up to Armageddon at Clone level 10.

Overview: Great against really powerful opponents, but doesn't counter hero killing decks like other summoning heroes do. Also, he needs to be leveled up to be as effective as he was pre patch. Now Armageddon is even better than him in pure stats of the cloned creature.

Odin Edit


"Bow down to me, mortals!"

Hero Skill: Divine Wrath
  • Decreases all enemy creatures' HP and max HP by X%, and has a chance to prevent them from moving next turn.
Role: Offensive/Sabotage

Pros: Is a perfect counter to decks that rely on a lot of healing, primarily Faen and Human decks. So he is very good against Judgement, Warlock, etc. The fact that his skill has a chance to prevent enemy creatures from moving is also a bonus. And, since he is a human hero, he can learn Zero Kelvin.

Cons: Basically impossible to get unless you have a bottomless wallet.

Overview: Really good against healing decks, but really really hard to obtain.

Overlord Edit


"A feast of flesh, carrion or fresh, makes for fine dining, and fast healing."

Hero Skill: Ghoul Feast
  • Removes an enemy creature from their graveyard and increases yur creatures' ATK and HP by X% percent of the removed creature's ATK and HP.

Role: Sabotage/Support

Pros: The main pro of Overlord is the fact that he can remove creatures from play, which is such a useful ability against strong opponents who use a lot of revive and recycle abilities. Also, he can learn Deathless, which is a way better version of Undying; however, remember that you must have at least 3 Mortii creatures in play for it to go off. He can also learn Cripple as well, which is good for hindering enemy creatures. Finally, he is farmable from the Tournament mall.

Cons: Deathless requires you to have at least 3 or 4 Mortii creatures in your deck for it to go off. Also, for his hero skill to actually go off, you have to kill one of the enemy's creatures, so if your deck can't even do that, then his skill is completely useless. Also, he is outshined by Armageddon, especially now that Armageddon is farmable.

Overview: Very good against revive and recycle heavy decks, but completely useless if you can't even kill any of the enemy's creatures, so make sure your deck isn't sub-par.

Spirit Arbiter Edit

Spirit Arbiter

"You can run but you can't hide!"

Hero Skill: Scourge
  • (At level 1) Deals damage to 1 enemy creature equal to 500 plus 50% of it's max HP. If the creature is killed, it has a 45% chance of being removed from play. If the creature isn't killed, increase your hero's rage by 20.

Role: Aggressive/Sabotage

Pros: Basically she's a highly upgraded version of Paw Master. At higher levels, she hits multiple creatures, deals even more damage, has an even higher chance of removing the creature from play, and gains even more rage when her attack doesn't kill anything. When used in an aggressive deck, her attack can easily instantly kill anything that it hits, and has a high chance of removing it from play, making her an excellent hero. Also, she is one of two heroes in the game who can learn Mass Charm and Lucidity.

Cons: She isn't weak at low levels, but she is certainly not at an optimal level to be used as a main hero or as a Tournament hero yet.

Overview: Arguably the best hero in the game when at higher levels, incredibly easy to get, can learn Mass Charm and Lucidity.

Taskmistress Edit


"You won't escape me!"

Hero Skill: Dominion
  • Summarized version: Clones two of your enemy's creatures, sends one enemy creature back into their hand, and the cloned creatures die after they take their turn.

Role: Summoner/Sabotage

Pros: Her skill provides the user with massive amounts of board control. Also, the clones can be very useful depending on what you clone (although, do note that the clones die after they take their action).

Cons: She is incredibly hard to get, and is very weak at low levels.

Overview: Incredibly good once leveled up, but hard to get.

Thor Edit


"One swing from the God of Thunder not enough for you? Perhaps you're up for seconds?"

Hero Skill: Holy Hand
  • Deals X amount of direct damage to enemy creatures and has a X% chance to stun them.

Role: Offensive/Sabotage

Pros: Thor's main pro is his hero skill, which ignores all forms of protection (Immunity, Maji Shield, etc), Spikey Bits, and Sharp Armor, and has a chance to stun opponents. So basically it's a more powerful version of Abaddon's Thor's Rage. It is an aggressive skill, so aggressive decks will benefit greatly from it. Also, since he is a human hero, he has Zero Kelvin, which is always a bonus.

Cons: Although his skill is very good, it is out shined by Captivator's Crazed Sorrow, because while Holy Hand does direct damage and has a chance to stun opponents; Crazed Sorrow guarantees that all enemy creatures will all be affected.

Overview: Good for very aggressive decks; however, I think that there are better heroes to choose from.

Warlock Edit


"May the Gods watch over you as they watch over Arcadia."

Hero Skill: Prayer
  • Heals your creatures for X amount of their max HP and removes all status effects.

Role: Support

Pros: Is a perfect counter to Wight, since Prayer removes Death Curse. Also, he is decent for sustainability, because his skill does heal your creatures; however, unless his skill is at a very high level, I suggest using Judgement instead. And, since he is a human hero, he can learn Zero Kelvin. Lastly, you can get shards for him from the Tournament mall.

Cons: He has the same cons as any support based hero, in that you must rely on your creatures to do most of the work. So Warlock, like Judgement, is very weak unless you have a strong deck. He also seems a little out classed when he is at a low level.

Overview: Perfect counter for Death Curse, but out classed by Judgement unless you have his skill leveled up.