The Alice's Bond event is the most rewarding event to ever exist in Deck Heroes. It features 5 different bonds which can be purchased for gems. Much like bonds in real life, these will be held for a period of time while they earn interest to be cashed out at a later date. Alice's bonds each have a maturation time period of 7 weeks (each bond gives 8 rebates, but the first is instantaneous).

Bronze Bond Edit

  • Purchase Price: 4,000 gems
  • Gems per rebate: 750
  • Total Profit: 2,000 gems

Silver Bond Edit

  • Purchase Price: 8,000 gems
  • Gems per rebate: 1,500
  • Total Profit: 4,000 gems

Gold Bond Edit

  • Purchase Price: 16,000 gems
  • Gems per rebate: 3,000
  • Total Profit: 8,000 gems

Platinum Bond Edit

  • Purchase Price: 30,000 gems
  • Gems per rebate: 5,625
  • Total Profit: 15,000 gems

Diamond Bond Edit

  • Purchase Price: 60,000 gems
  • Gems per rebate: 11,250
  • Total Profit: 30,000 gems

Additional Rewards Edit

The thing that makes Alice's Bonds so appealing is not simply the free gems earned, but the fact that they come with immediate rewards.

Bronze Bonds give 2 chances to draw a random 4 or 5 star Creature, Silver Bonds give 5 chances, Gold Bonds give 1 random 5 star Creature, Platinum Bonds give 1 random "rare" 5 star Creature, and Diamond Bonds give 80 shards for a predetermined 5 star hero.

The "rare" creature drawn for Platinum Bonds comes from the following list:

Strategy Edit

Ideally you would have 118,000 gems just laying around when Alice's Bond shows up, but most players like to spend them on stuff. Because of this, it is not only recommended, but just good common sense to take advantage of the fact that the first reward is instantaneous. Meaning purchase the most expensive bond you can first. In this manner you can buy all of them for 96,625 gems instead. This saves you from needlessly spending money on those extra 21,375 gems!

It would look like this:

96,625 (purchase Diamond Bond) - 60,000 = 36,625

36,625 (claim Diamond Reward) + 11,250 = 47,875

47,875 (purchase Platinum Bond) - 30,000 = 17,875

17,875 (claim Platinum Reward) + 5,625 = 23,500

23,500 (purchase Gold Bond) - 16,000 = 7,500

7,500 (claim Gold Reward) + 3,000 = 10,500

10,500 (purchase Silver Bond) - 8,000 = 2,500

2,500 (claim Silver Reward) + 1,500 = 4,000

4,000 (purchase Bronze Bond) - 4,000 = 0

All bonds have been purchased. Now to claim the remaining 8 rewards on your bronze bond and the 7 on all of the other bonds. This will net you with 155,625 gems! This is how you can turn a 50% profit into a 61% profit.

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