Aquiring This CardEdit

Anathema can be acquired through Lucky Spin, Mazes, Boosters, Gauntlet, Coupon Bag, Gem Bag, and Guild Map.

About Anathema Edit

Anathema is a fairly common, yet very powerful 5 star creature. Her HP at level 10 is pretty high, and she has a good amount of ATK, which proves to be even more deadly, since she has bullseye. It is because of her Bullseye ability that she is very useful against Frost Armor decks. The only downside to Anathema is the fact that her Gas Cloud 8 will build up the enemy hero's rage very quickly.

Pictures Edit

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 325 360 395 430 465 500 535 570 605 640 675 710 745 780 815 850
HP 1375 1414 1453 1492 1531 1570 1609 1648 1687 1726 1765 1804 1843 1882 1921 1960

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Since Frost Armor doesn't work against her, in order to take her down, you are going to need something that hits harder than she does. Also, since she doesn't have Immunity, you could just seal, paralyze, or freeze her. Be warned though, she does have Stoneskin, so disposals and instakill aren't going to work.

Melding Edit

If you're lucky enough to have extra copies of Anathema, some good melding options for her are Sacrifice 8, Sneak 8, Battleblow 8, Frost Armor 7, and Tempest 8+,Revive-due to stoneskin

Lore Edit

"Anathema" is a person or thing curse to damnation or destruction. Due to the feminine pronunciation of anathema (An-ath-em-ah), many players refer to the Anathema in Deck Heroes as a female.