"Banish the darkness and revel the light!"
Archdeva is a 5-star Human Creature aquired through the Alter with the Gem Bag or through bounties on the Guild Map.  Her skillset is focused around Support and she can cause major disruption to the enemy team.  Her Retreat ability, which activates every turn she is in play, will send back a random enemy creature to the opponent's deck which helps maintain dominance on the board and wastes valuable time for your opponent.

Archdeva's Maji Shield 8 keeps her safe from spell casters, but she is still vulnerable to Fighters.  You may choose to play Archdeva early and to the left to continue to cycle out your opponents cards through Retreat, or you can keep Archdeva further out to the right you can allow her to control the board better by effectively putting a cap on the number of Creatures your opponent can have out.

Acquiring ArchdevaEdit

Archdeva is aquired through the Altar with the Gem Bag, while Shards can be aquired through bounties on the Guild Map.

50 Creature Shards are required to assemble this 5-star Creature.

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 10 15
ATK 365 605 725
HP 1375 1845 2080


Strategies and TacticsEdit

It is HIGHLY recommended that you meld her Retreat onto a Queen Temptress. But, you could aslo pair her with Retreat Queen Temptress just to make sure that Queen Temptress always activate her Osmose.

As powerful as Retreat is, creatures returned to the deck will regain all of their health, so if you're not careful, your Archdeva might activate Return on a powerful card. Which is in some case it could be the best strategy to get your Disposal card back.

As being opponent though, you have to watch on what deck she is and what deck you will use to defeat her. For examples, if she's not on human heroes deck you can face her with Spider Queen as she have Immunity to counter Archdeva's Retreat and Ravage to blow her in one go. But, if she's in human heroes deck which she'll gain protection from Ice Shell (Zero Kelvin if she's with 5* Human Heroes) it is recommended to use creature with Bullseye and Stoneskin or Immunity altogether like Anathema.

Creature Skills Edit

Skills Descriptions
Maji Shield 8 Caps the amount of DMG a Magic attack can deal at 130.
Retreat Sends the enemy creature in front back into your opponent's deck.
Mass Heal 8 Restores 200 HP to all your creatures.