"I will show the Mortii the true meaning of death."
Archmage is a 3-star Human Creature which is a reward from Dungeon 6-1 on Hard.  Despite her name, her skillset revolves primarily around a Fighter, but she lacks the raw stats and survivability to fulfill this role properly.  Cloudburst 5 offers additional utility, as she has a chance to disable up to 3 enemies, but without serious support from other Creatures she is exceptionally fragile.

Due to her lackluster stats, it is not uncommon to use this card as fodder for enhancement, however some players may find use from her Consecrate Skill, which is powerful against Mortii decks.

In late game, players would be offering to use her as a Master for melding her Consecrate, which is a rare skill and is very powerfull on certain ocasions, especially Stabthrough.

Acquiring ArchmageEdit

Archmage is awarded for clearing Dungeon 6-1 on Hard difficulty. Archmage is found in Mazes through Bronze, Silver and Gold Chests and as a reward for completing Mazes in Quest Areas 2 and above.

Archmage can also be found as a rare reward in Coin Bags, or as Lucky Spin and Gem Bag rewards.

Pictures Edit

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 211 236 261 286 311 336 361 386 411 436 461 486 511 536 561 576
HP 630 650 670 690 710 730 750 770 790 810 830 850 870 890 910 930

 Skills Edit

  • Cloudburst 5
    • Deal 125 Magic to 3 random Creatures. Has 45% chance to inflict paralysis, preventing a basic attack
    • Lightning Rune III :- If Bolt , Cloudburst or Thor's Rage Activates Increase Chance of Paralysis for each enemy creature on The Field
  • Stabthrough 5 (Lv 5)
    • Deal 75%of basic attack DMG dealt to an enemy Creature to the enemy hero
    • Stabthrough Rune II :- If Stabthrough activates, it deals additional direct DMG Based on Enemy Hero's Max Health. Limit 2000 DMG
  • Consecrate 6 (Lv 10)
    • Increase ATK by 90% against Mortii Creatures
    • Consecrate Rune III :- Consecrate reduce basic attack. DMG of enemy Mortii Creatures.

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Surround Archmage with Support and Healers to keep her alive long enough to wreak havoc on low and mid-level Mortii Decks.  If you can increase her ATK and HP with Human Buffs like Humanity, you'll find much increased utility for Archmage.