"I never waste a single arrow."
Arrow Brave is a 4-star Faen Creature acquired through Exploration.  Her skillset is that of a Fighter, with exceptionally powerful physical attacks against Neanders with her Miasma skill.  Her Dodge skill offers a less reliable but ultimately more powerful alternative to Block, used by Centaur Chief, who fills largely the same role as Arrow Brave.

Many players will find great use in Arrow Brave throughout Dungeon Map 8, especially the notoriously difficult 8-11 & 8-12.  Her multiplicative damage increases allow her to hit for 1700 physical damage, and with a Battleblow Hero Talent that number can reach 6000.  Many players swear by her ability to cut through the early turns of the more difficult Dungeons in Ragnarok.

Arrow Brave's alternative is the Centaur Chief.  Centaur Chief has better base stats and more reliable damage, but can be easily cut-down in 1 shot during the more intense battles of 8-11 & 8-12.  Arrow Brave's damage and survivability are both much more luck-based, meaning that they can either fail spectacularly or do exceedingly well.  While this is not optimal for PVP, this makes Arrow Brave a ray of hope in these difficult dungeons - it just may take more attempts than with a Centaur Chief.

Evolving and Melding Arrow Braves is possible, although may take time and effort better spent on generally better Creatures.  Still, if a player wishes to invest the time and resources into Melding Arrow Braves, there are some good options available:

  • Frost Armor - Provides more reliability and survivability to Arrow Brave.
  • Immunity - Protection against Spells and Lock-Down Effects.
  • Sacrifice - Drastically increase her base stats and potential damage output, especially against Neanders.

It is never recommended that you meld a Magic-type ability to creatures specialized in damaging Neanders, as this will activate the powerful Spiky Bits and Spiky Armor Hero Talents.  Despite Cloudburst and Frostbite adding a great deal of utility to regular decks, it defeats the purpose of Arrow Brave by making her dangerous to use against Neanders.

C-good It is recommended that you hold onto this card.

Acquiring Arrow BraveEdit

Arrow Brave creature shards can be found through exploration of Dungeons 8-2, 8-5, 8-8, 8-10.  Like all 4-star Creatures, it takes 30 shards to create one Arrow Brave.

Arrow Brave was also provided during a Facebook Promotion during early February of 2015.


Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 255 275 295 315 335 355 375 395 415 435 455 475 495 515 535 555
HP 799 829 859 889 919 949 979 1009 1039 1069 1099 1129 1159 1189 1219 1249


  • Battleblow 5 - 50% Chance to increase ATK by 100% when attacking.
  • Miasma 6 - Increases ATK by 90% against Neanders.
  • Dodge 5 - Creature has a 45% chance of being unharmed by physical attacks.

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Requires additional information.