"Who can stand before me?"
Ash Beast is a 5-star Faen Creature usually found in Gem Bags and Boosters.  He has overall average stats and a skill set that proves to make him a powerful Fighter, especially against Lock-down decks.  Compared to other Sweeping Blow creatures, Ash Beast has high base stats losing top ATK spot only to Graboid, and his unique Unbound combination makes Ash Beast exceptionally good at cutting through decks that depend on Lock-down effects for protection.

Players will get the best effects from Ash Beast in a Faen deck, especially backed with ATK and HP buffs and combined with strong Casters.  With Mass Heal, he will help contribute to heal-centrist decks, especially those led by Predator.  Unfortunately, Ash Beast has no protection from Instakill or Disposal effects, but he still makes a great addition to any Faen deck, or any deck needing to cut through paralysis, freeze and delays.

Ash Beast makes a great candidate for 5-star Evolution and Melding due to his skillset:

  • Immunity - Covers Ash Beast's biggest weakness by providing protection from Instakills and Disposals.
  • Frost Armor - Protects Ash Beast from massive physical attacks.
  • Bloodlust - Rapidly increasing ATK after every successful attack. Does stack with Sweeping Blow.
  • Bloodrage - Increases ATK every turn even when no enemies are hit. The HP lost is quickly recovered by his Mass Heal 6.
  • Battleblow - Chance to drastically increase ATK each round.
  • Soul Snatch - (Ridge Hunter or Blood Elf) - Increases ATK by 35% of Physical DMG Dealt, extremely fast ATK build with Sweeping Blow. Keep in mind that Soul Snatch does nothing if the creature has 2,000 ATK already.
  • Stoneskin - Since Unbound already stops Debuffs that hinder Ash Beast from Attacking, Stoneskin offers a 100% way to stop Instakills, Disposals, and Retreats.
  • Frost Blade 10 - 70% chance to lockdown any creature whom he hits.
  • Stabthough - Efficient Hero-killer, works well with Graboids and Techno Chiefs.
  • Holy Light 10 - Although Ash Beast has below average Max HP, his unique skill set makes this an interesting choice. With Unbound already on him, Rip is the only skill that will stop him from healing, and if you put a high level Healer Rune II on him it could increase ATK by up to 40%.

Acquiring Ash BeastEdit

Ash Beast can be found in Gem Bag, Coupon Bag, Mazes, Lucky Spin, Gauntlet, and Faen Boosters.

Ash Beast Creature Shards can be awarded upon completion of Guild Map Chapter 1.


Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 320 349 378 407 436 465 494 523 552 581 610 639 668 697 726 755
HP 1359 1388 1417 1446 1475 1504 1533 1562 1591 1620 1649 1678 1707 1736 1765 1794


  • Mass Heal 6 - Restores 150 HP to all your Creatures.
  • Unbound - Grants immunity to Delay, Seal, Discord, Frozen, and Paralysis.
  • Sweeping Blow - Deals DMG to the targeted Creature and any adjacent Creatures.

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Requires additional information.