Skill Effect Edit

Activates "Fatigue 1-10 (Rank)" when sent to the Graveyard. (Reduces the ATK of all enemy Creatures by 10-100 (10 x Rank).)

The reduced ATK is permanent and will last on all affected creatures until they die or victory/loss is achieved.

Rune Boost Edit

Lethargy RuneIV

Ability Removed Edit

In a patch that came out in November 2016 many abilities like this one were renamed to allow Skill Upgrade Essences to be more universal. This ability now goes by the name [D]Fatigue.

Meld Options Edit

Some 3, 4, and 5-Star Creatures can learn

Creatures with [D]Atrophy Edit

Hippo Raider (6)

Strategies and Tactics Edit


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