"Real power is wild and untamed. It is free and unrelenting. My children are the faces of power!"
The Berserker is a 4-star Hero of the Neander faction.

This hero some times prove to be very useful against Curse heavy decks because of his summoned boars take the hit instead of the hero, plus it increases the heroes rage enormously, and thus another boar can spawn. A total of 3 boars can be summoned at the same time.

Together with spiky bits, magic heavy enemies are no match for a good deck with this hero.

He is mainly used as a counter to stabthrough decks and as a counter to magic heavy decks, or a good support hero in general, when you don't have a hero optimal for a empty hero slot in the tournament.

Acquiring the Berserker Edit

Shards can be found in the mines, Trials, Token Mall, and the Gauntlet. It is also possible to draw this Hero from the Hero Altar.

Levels Edit

For every level up the player gets, this hero increases its HP by 175 HP per Level.

Pictures Edit