"Both of us are doing well. There's two of us here!"
Bewitcher is a 5-star Human Creature that can be found in Special Booster Packs and at the Altar from Gem Bags.  Her skillset is very specialized and unique, revolving around the creation and propagation of clone cards. Despite being extremely unique and powerful, it may be difficult to find a place for her in your deck, although you can rely on her against any deck in which you are not penalized for damaging the enemy Hero.

Her clones have seperate abilities from the original:

Acquiring This CardEdit

Bewitcher was awarded to the top 3 places in the 2015 Valentines Day event.  Players who collected the most Valentines Day Chocolates were awarded with this card. Bewitcher can be seen in Human Level 5 Chambers (and even here she is only Level 0).

Since then, Bewitcher has appeared in a number of special Booster Packs and was finally permanently added to the Altar from Gem Draws with update patch 6.0 on July 1st, 2015.

In the Transmutation event held on January 12, 2016, players could Transmute a Grand Mage, Naga Mistress, Tauro General, Dullahan, and a 4-Star card of the players choice.

Lastly, she can be acquired by beating 15-12 on hard.

Pictures Edit


Soul Split - During its action, if HP is less than 50%, creates a clone that is immune to negative status effects and places it furthest right.  Up to 3 clones can be created.

Dark Clone - 45% chance to negate Physical and Magic DMG and effects, converting them into HP restored.

Revocation - Creates a clone with 50% HP and ATK when destroyed.  No limit to the number of clones created.

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 10 15
ATK 450 650 750
HP 1225 1755 2005


To "bewitch" means to take control over someone through the use of magic, or to enchant or delight someone, both of which Deck Heroes' Bewitcher does.