Blessing skill
Blessing is Royal Guard's hero skill. When it activates, it puts a barrier on all of your creatures until the end of your enemy's turn. This barrier prevents your creatures from falling below a certain threshold of health, and if they are already below that threshold, then they won't lose anymore HP until the barrier wears off. It guarantees at least 500-950 (500 + 50 x level) HP left after an attack. 

Note that Instakill still works. Also, Plague seems to go through the barrier.

Power / Cost Chart Edit

Level Effect of Blessing Shards Needed Glory Points Needed
1 500 HP left 75 0
2 550 HP left 10 4000
3 600 HP left 20 6000
4 650 HP left 30 8000
5 700 HP left 40 10,000
6 750 HP left 55 12,000
7 800 HP left
8 850 HP left
9 900 HP left
10 950 HP left

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