• ZebanHai

    For those of you who haven't picked up on all of the recent changes yet, here's a list for you.  IGG continues to release new Remove Seal Creatures with lots of rare upgradable skills on them.  Thank goodness those Omni Skill Essences are so easy to get >_

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  • ZebanHai

    Rather than continue to make pages full of partial information about these guys, I figured having news sections on my blog would work better.  Here's what I've heard coming down the grapevine.

    We're getting several new Creatures, a new Neander Hero, a possible overhaul to Alice's Bond, and a level cap increase of 5 levels (110 to 115).


    Emerald Witchcraft




    Burst Flying Fish

    Mammoth Giant Elephant

    Lava Nightmare

    Hell Walker


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  • ZebanHai

    As a high level player I often find myself running into this irritating message:

    "You're at the max number of cards.  Please sell or enhance your Creatures and try again.  This includes Creatures, Essence, Skill Essence, and Event cards."

    So I have to go and see which Creatures of mine need leveling up and use up all of my essences to make room.  Sometimes, however, I find that I simply have no more essences to get rid of!  999 Creatures seems like quite a bit when you first start the game, but when you begin to get some good coupon draws from the altar and open a substantial amount of Limited Event Boosters, you find yourself with a growing horde or 4-star Creatures.  When you try and use a rare card like this to level up another card you s…

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  • ZebanHai

    I know there are probably many articles around that talk about strategies and what creatures you should keep and which ones are best to meld and all of that.  In the interest of keeping this blog friendly to all players, I'll do a short overview of what has made the mid-game or farming portion easier, however, the main thing I'd like to address is how to completely destroy later in the game.  What creatures should you be focusing on?  How should you spend those gems you've saved for the last 4 months?  Should you really spend all of your energy on exploring for shards every day, or is the maze a much better investment?  These are all questions I had at one time or another and hopefully my experience will help shed some light on things.

    The …

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  • AnathemaX

    First off, I would like to apologize for my inactivity on this blog. Really, the only thing that's keeping this wikia alive and breathing are the referral comments and some editing on here (thanks for that). However, I likely won't be able to continue to frequently edit the pages on here, or update this wikia frequently. I do intend to wrap up my 5 Best/Worst 4 Star Creatures from each Faction.

    If you do not agree with my selections, comment below on what you think. :)

    The Worst Creatures :( -- 

    Unlike some of the other factions, there are quite a few Human creatures that qualify as 'BAD'. This is from the viewpoint of a higher level player; of course, if you are beginning the game and you acquire these, they might be of some use to you. They…

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  • Chinsaw

    Admin duty

    June 29, 2016 by Chinsaw

    So... By now you have probably noticed my lack of contribution the past months. I have not made a single active thing since May 22 this year, and even then I only answered on the message wall.

    I have decided to activly at least try to pass the torch to someone more willing to administer this board. I work a lot and I have no time to even play the game anymore, let alone administer this wikia board.

    I feel that the community should grow without me being in the way. I have had a great time around here. I have learned a lot and I've met some really funny people.

    My question now is, who is willing to take over the role as admin? If nobody wants to I can still remain admin, but I will only interact if I have the spare time to do so, and/or if ther…

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  • AnathemaX

    Reflect Weaknesses

    June 17, 2016 by AnathemaX

    Okay, so EVERYBODY knows that Immunity is better than Reflect. Immunity is in it's own faction, while Magi Shield/Frost Armor are equivalents, and that practically makes Reflect and Block equivalents as well. Reflect is actually stronger than Block in terms of mitigation because it halves the magic damage no matter what level, while returning back some of the damage dealt. Block on the other hand only blocks a certain amount of hitpoints, depending on level. However, Block can be coupled with Frost Armor, which makes it quite potent, whereas if you try to combine Reflect and Immunity, it becomes quite redundant (well unless you have a low leveled Immunity. 

    Reflect, as strong as it is, has a very potent weakness that the other mitigation sk…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    For New People :

    Trying Evolving and Melding in the first spot is very difficult. Look, I'm a advanced player, but that doesn't make melding any easier than beginners. In most RPG or other deck-type games, the skill swap just costs currency. However, Deck Heroes requires a dupicate of the melding card. That's why melding rare cards like Taurus, Octavius and Belphegor are such aurdous tasks.

    To a beginner, wasting all your gold for nothing is a pretty big nightmare.

    From now, I will guide you how to meld usefully, based on personal experience and some tips from my friends.


    First off, you need to evolve a creature. It takes 360K for a 3 star, 640K for a 4 star, and 1M for a 5 star. And you will need "Materials". They are acquired from the C…

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  • AnathemaX

    Okay, sorry for deceiving you into thinking that I would make the blog post about the creatures the same day I made the info page blog post. But today is the day we'll get into the details. Anyway, if you don't agree with me, feel free to voice your opinions in the comment section below. So, let's get started! 

    The Worst Creatures :( --

    Now to be honest, I had a VERY difficult time choosing which 4 stars are truly horrible in the Faen Faction, because truly, there were none. These 5 are not actually "HORRIBLE", but aren't as good as the others.

    Dream Guide -- Dream Guide again, isn't necessarily bad, she is just lacking compared to the other 4 star Faens. Sure, she has Bless 6, but why would you want Bless 6 if you could just use Oracle's Ble…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Source :

    • bb8 - Alert Guard
    • im9 - Spider Queen
    • revive - Great Mystic
    • recycle - Hippoylta, Thalassa
    • sac8 - Venom Tyrant
    • fb10 - Sea Wizard
    • rip - Mammoth Rider
    • dodge - Light Brave
    • disposal - Hanuman, Balthazar, Death's Angel, Gorgon
    • instakill - Cyclops, Hellwolf
    • retreat - Archdeva



    • High-Tier : Graboid, The Twins, Chiroptera, Swordmaster, Anathema, Pit Dragon (I prefer bb8 over sac8 cuz I don't like sac8 on something that rebirthes)
    • Mid-Tier : Ash Beast, Sea Wizard, Fafnir (Mid-high Tier), Granite Dragon, Centaur Chief (fa is more usefull on him), Plague Dragon (Makes a faen killer)
    • Low-Tier : Snow Harlot (She can't even attack in the first place), Dragonlord, Ursa Major, Panther Cheif, Venom Tyrant (lol)


    • High-Tier : D…

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  • AnathemaX

    I've noticed that this wiki has become very quiet in the past few weeks. There have been virtually no edits now, and really, the only that's keeping this wikia breathing are the referral comments. But hey, I'm pretty sure that most of the veterans on this site, or wikia contributors here have been playing the game for at least 6 months already. 

    So again, I'm bored. There's really nothing to see or do here, so might as well write another blog post. Now, this blog post will be GIANT. So, it will be broken up into 4 sections. One for each faction. No, this is not the blog post for those topics and stuff. Just an information page. By the way, where did everybody go?

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  • AnathemaX

    So, I'm bored. And there's really nothing for me to do on here (but I gotta get that 5 DAY badge), and some things that I want to do, I can't do. So, why not create this. If you disagree with me about my opinions on the list below, feel free to comment below about your opinions, but please don't spam.So, here, I decide on what is the worst hero of each star rating, and a runner-up (second worst hero). Since the star ratings are from 1-5, there will be 10 heroes on this list. So, are you all ready? Okay.

    1-STAR WORST HERO: Stormkallar

    So, all 1 stars are naturally bad, but Stormkallar is the worst of them all. Sure, she can summon an Elemental with Reprisal, but hey, at Level 1, the Elemental deals only 50 damage to all enemy creatures. That …

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  • AnathemaX

    Update 10.2.0

    May 22, 2016 by AnathemaX

    10.2.0 brings bug fixes and performance updates, as well as new content. One, like many already know is the NEW 5-Star Hero: Vile Songstress. She will be available in the mines. However, she will replace Spirit Arbiter in the Ore Mall, so if you haven't finished farming Spirit Arbiter shards, you'd better hurry. 

    There are also new creatures added from the update. All are 5-Star creatures though. The first one that's made available is Belphegor, but she is only awarded as a top-tier prize for the 4th and 5th place Merit Ranks. There are 3 others, (Aries, Hera, and Ordinance), but they aren't available yet. 

    There are various bug fixes such as the Grandmaster Cup bug fixes, and Lucidity will no longer trigger if the hero's rage is below 80. T…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Warning : Long text

    Before I start : I want to point out an incredibly simple fact that DH is a Freemium Game. A freemium Game is a game where the player is free to play, but can pay to get better. Freemium Games are a mixture of pure free games; Games that are free to play and to develop; and Premium Games; Games that require money to buy, but free to develop.

    Since DH is a freemium Game, it has all the pros and cons Freemium Games games has, one of them is the difference between Free to play (F2P) Users; Who don't use money in the game; and Pay to win (P2W) users.

    Now IGG is a company that earns money when players put in their wallets for gems. In short; They develop the game to earn money. That's why Freemium Games can exist.

    Of Course ther…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Here's a replay of the final Grandmaster Cup (Chinese version)

    As you can see the winning player used Taskmistress and Druidess. Now What I was amazed about was Taskmistress's level 10 skill (And how, even a P2W whale can get her to level 10).

    It cloned five creatures and sent the same amount of creatures back into the enemy deck. The player was instantly granted immense Board Control and won the fight.

    And druidess starts warding 3 creatures at level 5 or so... She was damm strong too.

    What I am trying to say is that the non-farmable 5* s are extremely powerfull when leveled up (Even Hydra, for that matter)

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  • AnathemaX

    So, unlike my other really long blog posts, I'm just going to make this one nice and quick. Anyway, I'm renaming my account to Seinfuga2. I've used this latter username very much, so you might see me in the wild sometimes. I was quite absentminded (like I always was) when I created this account, so I put in AnathemaX as the username. I thought 'Anathema' (reference to the creature) was a cool username, so I applied for it. But what I didn't know at the time was that it means that a person/creature is evil in a nutshell. And I obviously don't want to be called 'evil', because I am obviously not evil, and don't want to be referenced that way. My username should be changed in about 2-3 business days, so wait for it. NOTE: Well, actually, the ma…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Now, there are a few of those phukcing hard dungeons that you may be stuck on for a looooong time. This is Part 1.

    Hopefully this guid helps you

    NOTE : Includes Runes


    6-2 Hard

    ok, This level is not that bad without the goal. But with the goal? As you all know, the hero is a 1-star necrolorde with only 4700 HP. So as soon as you gain Board control, you will hit the hero, and win, but not win the goal.

    The key here is two things : High level Hero Vigor Runes, and Sweeping Blow

    Recommended Hero : Wight

    Recommended Creatures : Cyclops (Sweeping + Instakill), Ash Beast, Graboid, Swordmaster, Border Ranger, or Anything with Sweeping Blow

    At the first, just send out a single Spider Queen, when she is in the red, go launch a Ash Beast…

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  • AnathemaX

    Over 2 months ago, I decided to go on the forums just to check out how other people defeated LV. 6-2 on Hard. Man, that level was annoying af. You have to kill all the creatures without the killing the hero, which is a 1 star Necolorde with 4,700 HP. Plus there was a DAHLIA in the deck. I was so pissed off. 

    So, when I was on there, I saw that many people have difficulty defeating even the EASY of LV. 8-11. Same goes for 8-5, but to a lesser degree. Reportedly, some people took WEEKS and sometimes even MONTHS to complete 8-11. This really confuses me, especially since I only took 2 tries to complete 8-11 on Easy.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not a P2W whale, okay. All of my creatures I got for free from either the coupon bag, seals, daily lo…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Okay, before I start, here's a really HILARIOUS and funny thing that happened when I was low-level and had no evolved creatures, and first saw the Guild Maps.

    I was so stupid, I thought my creatures would get 300k HP too if they got evolved xD

    So I blew up all my gems and energy on human chambers and coins, and quickly evolved a Flame Mage.

    You guys should have seen the look on my face when the game said he got Stabthrough 1 and about 800HP and 350ATK lol


    Anyway, let's get into the real game.

    Guild Maps are super-supercharged versions of the Devagati, Ragnarok, Mosada, Inferno, Celestia, and Dread Cliff Explorer'r gate Maps.

    They don't require energy, however there is a limit to how much you can participate in a single d…

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  • AnathemaX

    So, if you haven't already, read User blog:Antares.I.G.Harrison's Heroes - Really In Depth Study. This is kind of the follow up for that. Except, this one is about CREATURES. This blog is mostly for newcomers to DH. Don't feel bad! All of us were noobs at one point. Except we didn't exactly have any reference so we might've wasted some precious resources (well at least early on) to some useless creatures. So, here we have a study about creatures - Which to place in your deck, which to use as enhancement fodder, and so on. 

    1 Stars - 2 words. Enhancement fodder. Get RID OF THEM ASAP. Do not bother adding them to your deck for any reason. (Okay, that was more than 2 words.)

    2 Stars - They are better, but still pretty shitty. They are decent wh…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    So, even if you're a P2W Whale with a fucking Immunity 9 Dahlia or something, they're pretty much useless without the right heroes to lead them. Here we have a study of the heroes in Deck Heroes - What hero you should use for your team, which are good and which are crap.


    2 Stars - Zora Marauder is the best. Even better than some 5 stars. Great long-game potential hero. The only downside is that he isn't farmable from the Bazzar, but she is fairly common from the Hero Alter.

    Put Neander Combat and Parry on her. She can be great for guild maps, especially paired with a Mythril Drone and a bunch a Frost Armor Oracle + Panther Cheifs.

    Sir Valmourn and Elder Mawrek are also notable.


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  • VenomTyrant

    Woohoo, a new Ore Mall hero!

    It's always nice to see a new hero get added to the Ore Mall, because normally they turn out to be pretty good (both Alchemist and Spirit Arbiter are top tier, so I like that Vile Songstress is continuing that trend).

    A guy named Andy uploaded a gameplay of him using her earlier onto the forums, and from what I can tell, Vile Songstress is basically an upgraded Wight. She doesn't kill the creature as fast (at level 1. Presumably, she'll kill the creature a lot faster at higher levels), but while the creatures are dying, they can't do anything. I'm not sure if that's a bug, though, because according to her skill description the creatures should only be disabled after they reach less than 20% of their Max HP. But i…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Just a joke blog post, about the fairly Common Stoneskin + Reflect Combo

    Grand Mage : Stoneskin + Reflect 4 + Mass Heal 5

    Border Guard : Stoneskin + Reflect 6 + Consecrate 6

    Terror Dragon : Stoneskin + Reflect 8 + Warlust 9

    Jormungand : Stonskin + Reflect 10 + Dispel 9

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  • AnathemaX

    There were several bugs in the Grandmaster Cup that prevented the activation of certain Hero Skills and Talents. This led to Deck Heroes giving away several gifts as compensation. If you were a participant of the Grandmaster Cup, you should know what I'm talking about. 

    The first gift that they distributed to participants was a 5 STAR HERO: HYDRA. That's right, a HYDRA to everyone who participated. Since there was no level requirement, I saw some low leveled players acquire this hard-to-obtain hero. The lowest leveled player I've seen so far with a HYDRA, was a LEVEL 23 player. LEVEL 23! When I was level 23, I was battling with a Nightraider, Flame Brave and 9 more 3 star creatures. Don't you think this makes them a LITTLE TOO OP?

    Of course,…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    My luck rank? about -999.999999999999 out of (-1000/+1000)

    Man, I hate luck-based games so much.

    I did raids today, and I won all battles but one. I went in and saw the battle log, I lost because horned beast didn't trigger Immunity 3 times in a row and didn't dodge.

    100 - 70 = 30

    100 - 50 = 50

    30% x 30% x 30% x 50% = 1.35%

    IGG are you fucking serious?? 1.35%??

    On the other hand, the enemies horned beast triggered Immunity (only) 10 times in a row.

    70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% = 9.59295960 %


    And I did the ticker booster about 100 times. What 4-5stars did I get??

    A titania - no complaints here

    A fucking Cleric A damm Howling King

    Bunch of useless 3 stars

    No Faen Marksmens or Blood Warlocks.

    Luck is a fickle thing

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  • VenomTyrant

    So, if you've been watching the Grandmaster Cup replays (or if you've been reading the forums), then you should know how buggy the battles have been. For those who aren't aware, the battles in the GMC were so buggy that creatures were sometimes skipping their turns or just straight up killing themselves. Obviously, this angered those who were effected by it. IGG, in response to all of the frustration, gave everyone compensation.

    Normally, IGG's compensation comes in the form of 500 Glory and a Coupon or two; however, a lot of people (myself included) were pretty shocked to log in today and see a full blown Hydra just sitting in their mailbox. I looked on the forum, and sure enough, I saw that my fellow staff member, Lucifer, had made an ann…

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  • VenomTyrant

    Another Promotion!

    April 25, 2016 by VenomTyrant

    Got promoted from just a little scrub Moderator to a Forum Engineer over at the DH Forum !

    Once again, drinks are on me tonight.

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  • AnathemaX

    STAR packages or Gem packages?

    Well, I suppose the obvious answer would be the STAR packages. But sadly, many people, including me, have been tricked by the Gem packages. I first started spending money on gem packages when the Relic Chests first came out, which was a few months ago. That is not to say that I started when the Relic Chests came out. I played, wayyy before then. 

    But anyways, which package seems more feasible? The STAR package or the Gem packages?

    At first glance, the Gem packages look really reasonable. I mean, if you shell out $100 bucks for 8,200 gems, it might seem like a good deal. You can get the gems right away, and with 8,200 gems, you can buy whatever you want. It totally sounds like a GREAT deal to a lot of peeps. Now,…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Catsmosphere Candy-Colord Sky Electric Romeo

    Three days Grace Time of Dying

    Energy Drink

    Pokemon Battle Theme Dubstep Remix

    The Song Stargater used for his Arena #1 vs. Mikhal Video

    The Song Unlimited714 (a.k.a. Slick) Used for his 15-5 Video

    The Song Unlimited714 (a.k.a. Slick) Used for his 15-3 Video

    The Song Unlimited714 (a.k.a. Slick) Used for his 15-2 Video

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    I was feeling Extra-Imaginative at the moment

    This is NOT a real-game senario.

    I just imagined the start of the DH world.

    My imaginations are TERRIBLE, please take mercy on me if this is horrid. Also some of the Splling may be incorrect :-(


    In the beginning, there was the One. There was nothing we could see of as a world, only a few stars flickered in the darkness of Time and Space. The only colors were Black and White. Nothing Else. The One found the nature of the current World quite dull and Boring, So the One Himself Became a world. It was lighted by the sun and the moon. The One fashioned the Oceans, Mountains, Plateus, and the Underworld. He lived as a Planet until he split into Four. Each part…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Frost Blade 10 Kitsune + Revive Kumiho

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison
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  • Vertroyer

    Bad day...

    April 10, 2016 by Vertroyer

    When you add 10 pictures but don't even get the paparazzi achievement...


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  • VenomTyrant

    Deck Heroes has a really huge flaw that has been troubling myself and a large portion of the F2P community for a while now. And that problem is that time doesn't necassarily equal money in this game. 

    Let's take Hearthstone for example. In Hearthstone, if you want a card, you spend money to open booster packs, and eventually you'll get whatever card it is that you wanted. But if you don't have money (or aren't willing to spend money on micro transactions, which is perfectly acceptable), then you could just build up in game gold to buy boosters. If the boosters that you opened didn't have anything good in them, then you could turn the unwanted cards into dust. Once converted, that dust could then be used to craft the card that you want. So, …

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    So, Slapping an Spider Queen Immunity on a creature.

    Incredibly common experience.

    But the question : Is that alwasy 90%?

    Let's have a Electro (who has bolt4, 100 damage) against a creature, say Hello World of the Human Faction. Hello world has 0 atk but dodge 15 , 1000 HP and immunity X.

    X = 100

    Electro can never ever hit Hellow World with his Bolt. Nuh-uh.

    X = 90

    Now this is Spider Queen Immunity.

    The first time Bolt triggers, 90%. There's only a 10% chance of Hello world getting hit, and 5% of Paralyze.

    However, let's imagine if that bolt hit twice in a row.

    Now it has a 90% x 90% = 81% of triggering Immunity Both times. Now, chances are you will have a 19% of getting hit and a 9.5% chance or getting paralyzed.

    What if Bolt hit three times in a r…

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  • Vertroyer

    Game artwork!

    April 8, 2016 by Vertroyer

    This game is a pretty good game so far, and i am really enjoying my participation in this wiki and cooperating with other users to make this wiki better and better. 

    But what i mostly enjoyed was this game's art and pictures of creatures, i found it really amazing.

    Even 1-star creatures have some pretty neat drawings as well. I've seen some epic looking cards like the Death Knight, Thalassa and Mirmir's tree and they all look really astonishing the way they were drawn.

    It's just beautiful scenery to the eye sometimes when you see them, don't you agree?

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    I found an interesting way to beat Mortii Chamber 5.

    Hero : Blademaster (Captivator does not help that much here)

    First purposly kill off a 3star Flame Mage and 3 crappy 1 star neanders.

    Then drop your whole team WITH paragon.

    They should get Sharp armor.

    When the Flame mage gets reanimated, it will proc Sharp armor 5 times and deciminate the enemy team. Paragon stops the pesky Rebirth.

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Okay, Here's a quick guide on how to beat Neander Chamber 4 for full rewards. (All 3 Conditions) For new people that don't have a lot of melded or powerfull cards.

    Line Up

    Wight (Aura Cripple Undying)

    Balthazar (Anti-Panther Chief) Phantom Liege (Seals) Phantom Liege (Seals) Pit Dragon (Anti-Ursa Major) Thalassa (Recycle) Mythril Drone (Anti-Ravage) Swordmaster (Anti-Ravage) Royal Dancer (Damage Dealer) Oracle (Healing and Sage Advice)

    All 5-stars are farmable from the Mines and are the 5-stars that drop from the Coupon Bag. Dancer can be found in the Token Mall.

    Let Balthazar dispose of Phanther Chief. Let the balthazar die and the boar be spawned. Then drop your deck. Remember, Place Pit dragon in front of Ursa Major to negate Frost Armor, an…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Okay, when I started DH, those two were SO ANNOYING.

    Troll guard would just flame up every card that hit him, and since I was a newb, the only cards I had at that time that could negate Flaming was Mythril and Horned Beast. And when the immunity didin't trigger (remember, execpt for Immunity 10, all immunity have percentage based loopholes) I start to rage.

    And Troll Mage is even far more annoying.

    He doesn't flame up the card that hit him, but he just flames up the entire team when he dies. It's just annoying.

    It's like, look. I just won against the enemy. And this card is like teasing me for Winning by flaming up all my cards. It's soo annoying. And As I said before, when the Immunity doesn't trigger, MORE RAGE.

    And sorry for the Launguage Ch…

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  • VenomTyrant


    March 21, 2016 by VenomTyrant

    Finally, I was offered a moderator spot on the forum !

    Not much will change, but having more power is always nice, especially since I'm on there 24/7. 

    Drinks are on me tonight :)

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  • VenomTyrant


    March 2, 2016 by VenomTyrant

    Someone out there needs to write a story about a villain. Make the villain evil, yet with a backstory that makes the reader actually want to side with him (be very careful to not make him just an antihero). Obviously, throw in some sort of supernatural ability in order to make him a bit more interesting. Introduce some sort of hero who tries to stop him; however, don't let the hero win in the end.

    Every time I see a hero win, I feel myself about to vomit. More often than not, the villain is the more interesting character, and they normally far outmatch the hero. But because of some stupid unwritten rule of story telling, the hero always has to win, even if the chances of them winning is slim to none. I'd love to watch a good movie or read a…

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  • Chinsaw

    More features!

    February 24, 2016 by Chinsaw

    Today I was checking out some more of the features in the Wikia Labs.

    Long story shorts we now have our own chat. The chat is also available under the navigation bar under communities.

    Have fun and stay friendly!

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  • VenomTyrant

    Spirit Arbiter

    February 21, 2016 by VenomTyrant

    I've been thinking for a few hours about just how strong Spirit Arbiter really is, and how far I should take her in the rest of my DH carrer.

    This topic was brought to my mind earlier today when I faced one in Tournament. Now, as I watched the battle (which I was watching mainly just to see and hear what her hero animation), her rage triggered, and casually hit my Pit Dragon for an astonishing 2.4k damage, even though she was only level 3. I've known even before she came out that she was going to be a god-tier hero, but I never could have forseen that she'd be as good as she is at the moment. The funny thing is, before she came out, I was one of the few people on the forums to actually think that she was going to be an incredibly powerful h…

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  • Chinsaw

    Wikia Achievements

    February 20, 2016 by Chinsaw

    Starting today, active contributors can now earn achievements by contributing on this Wiki. My hope is that it will be a bit more fun to help out around here, and thus increase content and accuracy in the information.

    The achievement system is not retroactive, meaning that it won't count contributions you've made in the past, so everybody will start from scratch and only new contributions count towards a badge.

    If anyone is up for the task to make customized pictures for the badges, feel free to read more at the Community Central.

    Also there will be a leaderboard for the competitive mind.

    Hope you enjoy!

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  • Chinsaw

    I am now an admin

    February 15, 2016 by Chinsaw

    For a long time we've had problem with excessive spam and vandalism. From this day forward I hope that we together can get a bit of better control since I was promoted to admin/bureaucrat about 35 minutes ago.

    I would like to thank all people that have supported the decision. It really shows that we can work as a team to further develop and update this wikia.

    My first action as an admin have been to lock the Referral Codes page since it has been under most vandalism and spam of all pages I think. For the time being I have locked it so that only admins can edit the page, but in time I will loosen it slightly so that registered users might edit the page as well.

    Don't hesitate to send questions or suggestions my way. This is an entirely new tas…

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  • Chinsaw

    Adopting the Wiki

    February 4, 2016 by Chinsaw

    Some days ago I started a post over at Tzsjynx's wall where I expressed my wish of becoming an admin. My intent is however to adopt the wiki since it seems to not be managed properly as of lately.

    The replies from the admins have gradually become fewer and fewer, which is sad, and while the cat is gone the rats come out to play, i.e. the wiki is for the past months undergoing a lot of vandalism and spam. Due to those things it hampers the user experience and the community alike on this wiki, and I feel it is time to take a step forward and try to steer the ship in the right direction.

    I have gone ahead and placed an adoption request over at and from the comments I also took the advice…

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  • VenomTyrant

    More IGG fuckery, or are they finally going to get something right?

    So, in the new 7.5.0 update for DH that will be released in about a week or so, IGG is going to add in two more permanent features to the game. The first one, Grimoire, sounds really interesting. It says that you "battle powerful bosses" (which is a really vague thing to say) and that in doing so, you will obtain creatures and rune shards, and "become a more formidable force".  This raises some questions though: what kinds of creatures can you get? how hard is it to actually obtain them? how does this all work? Obviously, there will be some neat 5 star rewards in store; however, will they just be basic 5 stars, or will you be able to get some really cool ones, like Oinari, …

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  • VenomTyrant

    What is "Overpowered"?

    September 13, 2015 by VenomTyrant

    Even though IGG loves to make users empty their wallets for cards and heroes, at least they do a decent job with balancing said creatures' and heroes' abilities. Except for a few things,,,

    The term "Overpowered", is generally considered to be anything that doesn't have a hard counter, or quite simply just "too good". What I mean by "hard counter" is any form of action that directly counters another, with no question about it. For example, Bullseye is a hard counter to Frost Armor, since Frost Armor has no chance against Bullseye. An example of a soft counter is immunity (unless it's immunity 10, in which case it is a hard counter). Immunity is a soft counter against magical skills, but it isn't a hard counter because there is still a chance…

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  • VenomTyrant

    I guess the title is a bit misleading, since I mean "more obtainable".

    In any case, IGG basically says that you can only easily get 4 5 star heroes, while the rest you either have to inhumanely grind for, or pay for. While I'm not necassarily complaining that Captivator, Judgement, Warlock, and Overlord are available in the Tournament mall, it is still annoying that we can't just choose whichever hero we want to go for. Instead, we need to choose from the ones that IGG has chosen for us. What if I wanted Armageddon instead of Overlord? What if I wanted Oceanus instead of Judgement?

    I undertsand having a new 5 star hero be rare for a month or two, but after it has been out for a while, I think that it should become available in the mall. For …

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  • VenomTyrant

    So, I managed to cut the amount of time it's gonna take to get Captivator in half. I went from rank 6k in Tournament to rank 3k, so now I'm getting shards for her every two days, instead of every 4. Still gonna have to wait almost 3 months, but she is worth the wait. That three months could be shortened, since I'm bound to get a few shards for her from the Gauntlet (even though IGG only likes to give me Blademaster and Warlock shards >.>). Getting 4 or 5 shards will shorten the journey by 4 days, which is pretty significant at this point. Hopefully by the time I get her, I'll have the rest of my Future Deck ready to go, so I can immediately start whooping ass with her. I don't know what 5 star hero I will go for after her, probably Judgmen…

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