"You won't like me when I'm irate."

The Boar is a Summoned creature and cannot be bought or found elsewhere. It is summoned by the hero Berserker.

The level of the Boar is dependent on the level of the Berserker. If the Berserker levels up, the summoned Boar will be stronger too.  Like other creatures, the Boar unlocks new skills at level 5 and 10.  Like all Summoner Heroes, the Boars protect the Hero by taking damage in its place, and Berserker in many situations has the best protection as he is the only Summoner with the ability to have 3 Creatures all protecting him and fighting along side your creatures.


  • Infuriate (1-10) - Takes DMG in place of your Hero and increases Rage equal to 6% (+2% per Level) of it. Enhancing this Skill increases its effects.  Note that this skill does not activate Rage if the Boar is killed with the incoming damage.
  • Wrath (1-5) - Increases ATK of all Neander by 1 (+ .25 per Level) times the Hero's rage and 10 (+5 per level). Enhancing this Skill increases its effects.  Note that this skill reaches level 5 at Boar Level 9 and does not increase upon leveling.
  • Resist - Grants immunity to all negative statuses and Retreats.  Note that this skill does not provide the skill "Immunity" nor protect against Magic damage or effects, it simply protects against status changes including freeze, flaming or poison.  Boars are still succeptible to ATK reduction effects like Cripple.


Strategies and TacticsEdit

The Boar can be crucial in some dungeons or in PvP, much thanks to its Infuriate skill. When a Boar is summoned and your hero get's attacked, the Boar will take the blow and then increase your heroes Rage, allowing for yet another Boar to be summoned even faster. In conjunction with Osmose this can sometimes become an unstoppable combination.

Also it might be unknown to few, but Resist Actually protects boar from Hero Skill Statuses as well. So no Wight or Captivator for a Boar.

Power ChartEdit

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ATK 392 414 436 458 480 502 524 546 568 590
HP 1840 1945 2050 2155 2260 2365 2470 2575 2680 2785

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