"Pray that you never meet me twice."

Border Ranger is a 3-star Human Creature acquired primarily by defeating Dungeon 7-1 on Hard Difficulty.  Her skillset is focused on Fighter, as she can unleash a large amount of physical DMG for a 3-star Creature.  Her overall power is limited heavily by her low HP and lack of defensive Skills, so she is heavily reliant on Hero or Creature skills that help protect her and extend her fighting time.

As a 3-star Creature, she will likely be replaced in most Decks, but she still makes a great addition to Human Buff Decks and Long-Game decks that utilize her Sweeping Blow and Battleblow to their maximum potentials.  If you can keep this 3-star Creature alive, she will do massive amounts of Physical DMG for your human team.  Keeping her alive can be very difficult, and Human Heroes with Ice Shell or support Creatures with Sage Advice are almost required to make use of this card in end game.

Border Ranger is the only 3-star Creature with Sweeping Blow.  This makes her a unique option for Evolution and Melding, since she can tripple the regular output of a number of different Melee abilities:

  • Bloodlust 7 can be melded which will increase her ATK by 210 per turn in ideal situations.
  • Rip can be applied to three targets at once.
  • Stabthrough can produce a substantial amount of damage to the enemy Hero, especially with Stabthrough Runes.
  • Weakness allows her to Reduce the ATK of up to three targets at once.

Acquiring Border RangerEdit

Border Ranger is acquired by defeating Dungeon 7-1 on Hard Difficulty.

She can also be found as rewards in Maze Battles and Maze Chests, as a rare reward in Coin Bags, or as a low reward from Lucky Spins or Gem Bags.

Pictures Edit

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 173 203 233 263 293 323 353 383 413 443 473 503 533 563 593 623
HP 573 605 637 669 701 733 765 797 829 861 893 925 957 989 1021 1053

Strategies and TacticsEdit

She's very useful in dungeon battle if the winning condition is to bring at least x 3 star creature. Also if she's melded with Stabthrough, alongside with stabtrough Graboid and boost from 5 star heroes in Battlecry,War hungry and Berserk, she can defeat 5 star violance Grimoire with one blow.