Buff inactive
Buff is a new feature introduced in version 8.0.0. It allows the player to buy a buff for gems. There are currently three different buffs that the player can buy. Namely:

Rage Buff Edit

Increase the Rage by 1% - 100%

Attack Buff Edit

Increase the ATK by 1% - 50%

HP Buff Edit

Increase the HP by 1% - 100%

Rules Edit

  • The buff will help the player in the Trials, Gauntlet, and Grimoire
  • The buff will be active for 24 hours after purchase.
  • If the buff's effect decreases when reset, the effect will not decrease. The buff's duration will not reset.
  • If the buff's effect increases when reset, the effect will increase. The buff's duration will not reset.
  • Your first five buff resets will increase your buff's effect.

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