The Captivator is the most common Neander 5 star hero, being incredibly popular over Blademaster. She is, in my opinion, very underused. Her skill, Crazed Sorrow, is basically a mass Discord, that hits every enemy creature (even through Immunity and Unbound); however, instead of causing the enemy creatures to attack the enemy hero, it causes them to attack each other, essentially giving you an extra turn. Also, after the enemy creatures finish attacking each other, each one effected by Crazed Sorrow loses a percentage of their max HP.

Her ability isn't too deadly if a lot of the enemy creatures have frost armor; however, if they don't, then they will just beat the heck out of each other.

Like just about every 5 star hero, she does not have to be used in a faction specific deck to be powerful.

NOTE: As of the most recent update, her hero skill now makes creatures inflicted with Crazed Sorrow immune to all control effects (in order to prevent them from not hitting each other). Also, when effected by Crazed Sorrow, the creatures used to deal their ATK to a random enemy creature; however, this is no longer the case. Now, they will deal their ATK to adjacent enemy creatures (not as direct damage, so Dodge and Frost Armor will still work).

Acquiring Captivator Edit

This lovely lady can be acquired through the Gauntlet, Tournament Mall, and Trials.

Recommended Talents Edit

The talents I recommend you put on her are:

  • Protection
  • Group Tactics
  • Fleshfeast

You can switch out Fleshfeast or Berserk for Sharp Armor if you want to be more Neander specific.

Mass Charm Edit

If you have seen her in a dungeon or trials, she probably had Mass Charm on her. Don't get too excited, because this ability isn't actually available to Captivator.

You will need an Alchemist or Spirit Arbiter to get this talent and use it!

Mass charm may be cast up to 3 times when the enemy has more than 3 creatures in play. Discords all the enemy creatures 100%.

Can be blocked with Unbound or Immunity.

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