"May your ancestors protect you in the long nights ahead."
Dahlia is a 5-star creature of the Mortii Faction.

Acquiring DahliaEdit

As of 7/14/2015, the only way to acquire this card is through the Gem Bag.

About Dahlia Edit

Dahlia, when in an enemy's deck, can prove to be annoying if you cannot dispose of her in time. When played, she sacrifices an enemy creature and gains well over 2000 HP, and by the time you kill her, she already could have recycled the whole enemy deck.

Skills Edit

  • Sacrifice 6 - Randomly destroy 1 of your other Creatures and increase ATK and HP by 90%.  This effect cannot be negated.
  • Voodoo 8 - Deals 400 and 1.6% of enemy Hero's max HP as Direct DMG. Capped at 1000 DMG
  • Recycle 2 - Returns 2 Creatures from your graveyard to your deck.

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 232 263 294 325 356 387 418 449 480 511 542 573 604 635 666 697
HP 1155 1187 1217 1248 1279 1310 1341 1372 1403 1434 1465 1496 1527 1558 1589 1620

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Fortunately, Dahlia is easily disposable, since she takes forever to come onto the field. If she does actually get onto the field, a decent fighter will have no trouble taking her out.

C-good It is recommended that you hold onto this card for melding purposes.

Melding Edit

I highly doubt anyone actually has enough Dahlia's to successfully meld her. If you happen to have a bunch of copies of her for whatever reason, Immunity or Stoneskin aren't bad options. Since she is fairly rare, I recommend you meld her Recycle 2 onto something else.

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