"People often die as though they never lived. I give them a second chance. And a third, and a fourth, you know, as long as they can claw or bite."
Deathmort is a 4-star Hero of the Mortii faction.

He has a pretty solid Talent Pool, along with a great Hero Skill that allows him to Summon a Puppet to fight alongside the other Creatures.

Although he is outclassed by Wight, that doesn't make him not good. In fact, all the summoner 4 stars are great heroes. And considering that Wight is considered the best 4 star and second best in all heroes right beside Oceanus and Spirit Arbiter.

The Puppet doesn't give more protection to Deathmort like Predator's Bears or Berserker's Boar, but increasing it's ATK might be better for the long run.

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Recommended Talents Edit

Mortii Aura - A steady way to buff HP for your Mortiis

Undying - A must have for a 3 or 4 star Morii Hero

Firestorm/Cripple - Puppet is slightly aggressive, to Firestorm is better for Aggressive decks. For sustainability use Cripple.

Stratagies Edit

Use Deathmort in a Faen-centric or Hero-killer Decks for the most advantage. A leveled up Puppet is a force to be reckoned with in Curse-heavy decks.