Post your own deck recipes here for others to try!

NOTICE: These recipes will be based upon ideal conditions. So heroes and creatures will be max level, creatures will be evolved and melded (realistically), etc.

Poor Man's Revive Edit

Summary: A deck for lvl 80-85 players who have still not managed to get their hands on a Great Mystic.

Hero: Any.


#Winning Edit

Summary: This deck has been proven to be able to beat any dungeon on easy (even dungeons on maps 13 and 14). Just let your Captivator get to low health, then throw your creatures out. most of them will hit for 6-13k damage.

Hero: Captivator

Hero Talents:


F2P Players Can Prosper Too Edit

Summary: A powerful deck built only with creatures and a hero obtainable by F2P players, to prove that F2P can be just as good as P2W.

Hero: Oceanus


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