In Deck Heroes, there exists a multitude of different types of decks that can be used, most of which serve as counters to each other.

Hero Kill Deck (Traditional) Edit

Description: An outdated, but still fairly effective way of killing the enemy hero. Hero: The hero of a traditional hero kill deck is most commonly a Chaos Witch; however, sometimes a Wight or Royal Guard is used instead. Creatures: The deck consists of Dark Witches (normally 7 or 8), a couple creatures with Godswill (like the Puppeteer, Bloody Lord, Ghostly Judge, etc), and a creature with recycle.

A player with better cards could use Gorgons and Spirit Sirens instead of Dark WItches, and Lilith instead of a Ghostly Judge or Bloody Lord. Counters: Decks with weak heroes, but powerful cards (like early dungeons on maps 13 and 14). Countered by: Decks with very powerfull summoner heroes (Predator, Berserker)

Hero Kill Deck (Modern) Edit

Description: An updated, much more effective way of killing the enemy hero.

Hero: The most common hero used is Captivator; however, a Royal Guard will work as well.

Creatures: This deck focuses around creatures with Stabthrough and Stabthrough runes. Usually, people will meld Stabthrough 6 (gotten from the Shadowstalker) onto their Swordmasters, Techno Chiefs, Border Rangers, and Graboids, in order to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy hero.

Many people have gotten through all of map 14 using just 5 Stabthrough creatures and a Captivator.

Counters: Decks with powerful cards, even if the hero has a lot of health.

Countered by: High level summoning heroes with very durable summons (Berserker, Predator).

IGG is aware of this method of easily clearing dungeons, so they made the hero on trials level 115 a level 10 Berserker with 70,000 health, to ensure you wouldn't be able to beat it with this method.

And the 2 and 3 stars of the map 14 dungeons all have about +70,000 HP (Via Runes) so you can't use it there.

And even worse, map 15 Heroes have a near default amount of 120,000+ HP through Lv 10 Hero Vigor Runes.

And to top it off, trials level 120 features a level 10 Odin with 160,000 Hero HP.

Support Decks Edit

Description: This deck focuses on having creatures who are constantly buffing/ healing each other.

Hero: Various.

Creatures: Any creatures who have an Aura buff (a buff that affects all other creatures besides the one who uses it). Oracles, Royal Dragons, Satyr Sentries, Nidhoggs, Pit Lords, etc.

Counters: Decks that can't put out a lot of damage.

Countered by: Decks with a large damage output, Death Curse.

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