"Hellfire will consume all!"
Diablo is a 5-star Mortii Creature acquired through the Remove Seal function. It was released in version 10.7 on March 28 2017

Acquiring DiabloEdit

Diablo is acquired only through Remove Seal by sacrificing the following 5-Star Creatures:


Skill Description Available Rune
Soul Burn 1 Deals 250 Direct DMG and inflict 1 stacks of Soul Burn to enemy Creatures directly across and adjacent to it. Creatures inflicted with 3 stacks of Soul Burn are destroyed and removed from play. Effect of Soul Burn lasts for 3 rounds. None
Bone Wall Direct and basic attack DMG received by Creatures is reduced by 20 None
Scorn 1 Immune to Instakill, Retreat, Disposal, or other instant removal and duplication skills. Reduces enemy Hero's Rage by 1 when Scorn activates. None

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