"Witness the might of the dragons!"

About This Card Edit

Draconian Mistress is a 5-star Neander Creature who was added in version 10.8 on May 25th, 2017. She is used to unseal Loki along with 4 other 5-star Creatures.

Acquiring This Card Edit

This card may be obtained through Event Boosters. This card is also listed as being available through Traders, the new feature coming in patch 10.9.0. At the time patch 10.9.0 was released, this card had still not been featured in any Booster Packs, so IGG may be trying to upsell her for quite awhile.

Abilities Edit

  • Sweeping Blow
  • Rampart 5
  • Dragon Blood - When played, increases Creature's HP and Max HP by 2000.  During the start of each round, increases Creature's ATK by the difference between its current and Max HP.  This effect only lasts for 1 round.

Melding Ideas Edit

Feel free to add to this section!

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