"The rider stands behind me."
The Dragon is a 4-star creature which is summoned by the Dragon Rider Hero when it reaches 100% rage. It is not possible to obtain this creature in any other way.

The level of the Dragon is dependent on the level of the Dragon Rider. If the Dragon Rider levels up, the summoned Dragon will be stronger too. Like other creatures, the Dragon unlocks new skills at level 5 and 10.  Like all Summoned Creatures, the Dragon protect the Hero by taking damage in its place. You can only have 1 summoned dragon at a time.

Skills Edit

  • Immolation (1-10) - Takes DMG in place of your Hero. Deals 100 (+25 x (rank-1)) Magic DMG and Inflicts Burn on all enemy Creatures, causing them to lose 100 + (25 x (Rank-1)) HP at the end of their turn. Enhancing this Skill increases its effects.
  • Flamma (1-5) - Increases ATK by 100 for each round in play. This effect can't be negated. Enhancing this Skill increases its effects.
  • Dracowing - When hit by a basic attack or Magic DMG, has a 50% chance to avoid enemy attacks and Retreats.

Pictures Edit

Power ChartEdit

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ATK 350 385 420 455 490 525 560 595 630 665
HP 1475 1540 1605 1670 1735 1800 1865 1930 1995 2060

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