"Even a whirlwind feels just like a breeze to me."

Description Edit

Druidess is a 5-star Hero of the Faen faction who was introduced along with the 9.0.0 update. Sky Arena.

She appears as an enemy in map 15, where she is level 10. At lower levels, her skill, Storm Ward, isn't very good; however, once you get her to level 3 and above, she becomes really powerful.

As of the 10.1.0 update, Aries' name has been changed to Druidess.

Acquiring this CardEdit

Her only listed source is Event Booster; however, shards may be acquired from Total Spending Rewards, Total Purchase Rewards, purchased from the Momoya shop, as part of package from the Traders, and as an award for certain events.

Hero SkillEdit

  • Storm Ward (level 1) - Casts Ward on your first 1 creatures, allowing them to negate the majority of damage taken and deal 200 direct damage to all enemy creatures. Has a 5% chance to prevent enemy creatures from healing this round. Ward will end once triggered three times


Strategies and TacticsEdit