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Acquiring this CardEdit

Obtained through Trails, Bazaar, Hero Altar or Gauntlet

Hero SkillEdit

Blood Rite : Deals 100 direct damage to all enemy creatures and restores hero health equal to double the total direct damage dealt.

Hero TalentsEdit

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Talent 1 PoolEdit

Talent Name Talent Type Additional Notes & Information
Neander Shield Increases your neander creatures' attack by 150 for one round (at lvl 10)
Neander Combat Increases your neander creatures' attack by 200 for one round (at lvl 10)
Neander Vitality Increases your neander creatures' HP and max HP by 200 (at lvl 10)

Talent 2 PoolEdit

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Get this card and level him up. He is virtually free to develp thanks to the bazzar and Guild Battles. Extremely good for Guild Maps because his hero skill is basicall a mass life-steal.

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