Entangle skill
Entangle is the skill of the Devil Hunter Hero of the Faen faction. The purpose of the skill is to immobilize the enemy when they drop under a certain percent of their total HP. The enemy Creatures will not be able to use physical attacks when they drop under that percentage but they can still use magic attacks, recycle, etc.

Entangle: If the HP of an enemy Creature falls below X%, it will be unable to launch physical attacks.

Power / Cost Chart Edit

Level Percentage of Entangle Shards Needed Glory Points Needed
1 50% 75 0
2 54% 10 4000
3 58% 20 6000
4 62% 30 8000
5 66% 40 10,000
6 70% 55 12,000
7 74%
8 78%
9 82%
10 86%

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