"The power of nature is boundless"
Fairy Princess is a 5-star Creature of the Faen faction.

She has two healing support related skills Mass Heal and Cleanse, but her Rampart skill gives her a little more durability than most.

Acquiring this Card Edit

Fairy Princess was the Rank 3 reward for Sky Arena on 17-FEB-2016, as well as 22-MAR-2017. This card is also available though Faction War, and Event Booster

Abilities Edit

Pictures Edit

Skills Edit

Skill Description Available Rune
Mass Heal 7 Restores 175 HP to all your Creatures Healer Rune II
Cleanse 3 Dispels all negative status effects on 3 Creatures. Does not apply to Hero Skills None
Rampart 5 Damage taken from basic attacks is reduced by 25% plus 250 Rampart Rune V

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