This is an event for guilds. It is meant to be a higher level of organized PvP combat above semi-weekly Guild Battles. Participation in this event is the only known way to obtain Fortress Credits for the Guild Mall.

Registration Edit

As of the inaugural Fortress Raid, Registration required a guild to have 300,000 contribution. They did not spend it, simply just had to have it saved up. Only 75 guilds were allowed to sign up.

Layout Edit

The design of Fortress Raid was obviously to get to the Citadel in the center. Each sector is labeled from 1 to over 215 in a giant spiral pattern. Each guild must begin fighting from the outer 2 layers and work their way in. Once a sector has been taken over, that guild can then attack along any line connected to the sectors they control. As you travel inwards the rewards, funds, maximum defending teams, and bonuses increase.

Sector Type Edit

  • Pillar - 5-25 Fortress Credits
  • Fort - 5-20 Fortress Credits. 5-25% bonus HP for defending teams.
  • Frontier - 5-20 Fortress Credits. 5-25% bonus ATK for defending teams.
  • Shrine - No Fortress Credits. Awards 4 and 5-star Creature and Hero Shards, Equipment, and a Spark.
  • Vault - 30-50 Fortress Credits.
  • Tower - 30 Fortress Credits. Decreases Citadel defenders ATK and HP by 10-40%
  • Citadel - 60 Fortress Credits. Awards 5-star Creature and Hero Shards, Equipment, and two Sparks.

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