"Listen, and drift into an eternal slumber"
Freya is a 5-star Creature of the Human faction.

She has [S]Mass Charm, and Cleanse however, it is her Revive skill which makes her a very valuable card to have.

Acquiring this Card Edit

Freya was the Rank 2 reward for Sky Arena on 16-FEB-2017, as well as 22-MAR-2017. She is also available through Holiday Events and Limited Gem Bag.

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Skills Edit

Skill Description Available Rune
[S]Mass Charm Charms all enemy Creatures when player, causing them to attack their Hero during the next attack None
Cleanse 4 Dispels all negative status effects on 4 Creatures. Does not apply to Hero Skills None
Revive Returns one of your Creatures without the Revive skill from the graveyard to play. Creatures with Revive cannot revive each other. Revive Rune V

Lore Edit

Freya is the Norse Goddess of Love and Beauty.