"Both of us are doing well. There's two of us here!"
Gemini is a 5-star creature card of the Mortii faction. Gemini needs 50 shards to complete. This creature is extremely powerful thanks to the Double Trouble ability which gives it complete immunity to all damage for an entire turn after its first death after being played.

Pictures Edit

Power Chart Edit

Level 0 10 15
ATK 266 546 686
HP 1055 1445 1640

+28 ATK, and +39 HP per level.

+4 Cost when evolved.

Melding ideas Edit

  • Recycle - While Double Trouble's extra Pyre and Tempest trigger can be nullified by Spellbinder or simply high immunity creatures, the ability for it to block 100% of damage for the next turn cannot be negated. This puts Gemini above even Snow Harlot for an excellent Recycle carrier since Ice Coffin is still susceptible to Delay and Direct DMG abilities like Omega Impact.

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