"Your soul is mine!"
Gladiator is a 3 star Hero of the Human faction.

Acquiring this CardEdit

Shards can be found in the Trials, Bazaar, Credits Mall, and Gauntlet. Players also have a chance to draw this hero at the Hero Altar by spending Gems.


Hero SkillEdit

Links DMG for all enemy Creatures until your turn ends, 15% DMG taken by 1 enemy is dealt to all others. Activates when 2 or more enemies are in play.

Hero TalentsEdit

Gladiator starts with Human Combat 1 and Icespear 1.

Talent 1 PoolEdit

Talent Name Talent Type Additional Notes & Information
Human Combat 1-10 Buff
Human Might 1-10
Human Vitality 1-10
Human Life 1-10

Talent 2 PoolEdit

Talent Name Talent Type Additional Notes & Information
Teslastrike 1-10
Icespear 1-10
Fireburst 1-10
Static 1-10
Hail 1-10
Firewall 1-10
Poison Gas 1-10
Double Tap 1-10
Strikeback 1-10
Toxic Mire 1-10
Burst Fire 1-10
Impact 1-10
Faith Heal 1-10
Dusk Shield 1-10
Ice Shield 1-10
Battle Set 1-10
Firecatcher 1-10
Ice Shell 1-10
Entrap 2 1-1
Entrap 3 1-1

Strategies and TacticsEdit

It would be a good idea to play direct dealing dmg cards with this hero also lvld up. Cards like taurus, ordnance, octavius and other cards that deal direct dmg to all opposing cards can tear through even later game decks.