"Your prayers will be answered"
Grand Cleric is a 1-5 star Hero of the Human faction. She appears as a boss in the Grimoire and cannot be bought or acquired in any way.

The amounts of stars she is given depends on the difficulty level you select in the Grimoire. This also goes for the damage dealt with her skill, and she will also gain more and stronger Talents the more the level is increased.

Her name and artwork also changes depending on the Grimoire challenge that day. These names include:

  • Grand Cleric
  • Solicitor
  • No-Good Cleric

Skills Edit

  • Rout - Deals 100 - 1000 Direct DMG to all enemy Creatures.

Talents Edit

The Grand Cleric's Hero Talents change every new Grimoire event. This is a list of known talents that have been used.

  • Mantra - Activates every turn. Restores 100% HP to your Hero, dispel control and damage over time effects from all your Creatures.
  • Invigorate - Activates every turn. Increase your Creatures' HP and max HP by 2.
  • Judge - Activates when the Battle Round is higher than 60. Prepare to be judged!
  • Blast - Grants your Creatures "Blast". After your Creature's action, deals Direct DMG equal to 100% of your Creature's ATK to the adjacent enemy Creature. If there is no adjacent enemy Creature, deals Direct DMG equal to 200% to the enemy Hero.
  • Battle Set 10 - Activates "Battleblow" for 1 random Creature. Grants a 100% chance to increase ATK by 300% for basic attacks.
  • Soul Bind - Negates Revive. Recycle, and Rebirth.

Pictures Edit

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