Note: This event hasn't occurred yet, so this page is under construction until more information can be gathered.

What is Grandmaster Cup? Edit

Grandmaster Cup is an global, Tournament-style event, which will incorporate fully functional spectator and wager features.

From IGG:

"We’re taking another behind-the-scenes look at Deck Heroes. The developers are considering adding a new PvP elimination format called Grandmaster Cup. Let's take a closer look!

Grandmaster Cup eligible players may register to be matched up against other Deck Heroes players. From this first phase, the top 64 registered players will be entered into the finals.
These players are eventually reduced to 8 through 2 group-stage battles and an elimination match.
The top 8 players will go through quarter and semi-final battles to determine the top 4.

Players who manage to reach the top 64 ranks will win a reward. Of course, the higher your rank the better the rewards! Are you ready to prove that you are the best Deck Heroes player?

Players who are unable to participate can view the matches and engage in discussions. If you're lucky you might be in for a surprise!"

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