"Arise, warrior of the light."
Great Mystic is a 5-star Human Creature card acquired only through the Gem Bag and Human Faction Boosters. Her skillset is setup for Support, being the only standard card that has the coveted Revive skill. She also brings AoE damage to the battlefield in the way of Incinerate and Blaze, but most players choosing to use Great Mystic are doing so because of Revive. She does not fit in exclusively with Humans, and Great Mystic can make an amazing addition to any type of Deck.

While Great Mystic is an amazing card, she lacks the survivability needed to maximize her Support and Damage potential. Revived Creatures appear to the right of her, so as the battle continues she will continue to work her way to the left-most position putting her at great risk of being meleed down. It is for this reason that she is often found in Recycle or Rebirth Decks, where she can be given a chance to utilize her skills for extended periods of time.

It is highly recommended that you move Revive off of Great Mystic at your earliest convenience. The Incinerate opens up potential exploitation from Spiky Bits, and Great Mystic has terrible survivability.

C-good It is recommended that you hold onto this card.

Acquiring Great MysticEdit

Great Mystic can be acquired through Boosters, Ultima Chests, Alter Draws, and Relic Chests.


Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 242 266 290 314 338 362 386 410 434 458 482 482 506 530 554 602
HP 1215 1256 1297 1338 1379 1420 1461 1502 1543 1584 1625 1666 1707 1748 1789 1830

Strategies and TacticsEdit

No matter what deck you decide to play Great Mystic in, you're always going to want to hold back on sending her into Battle until her Revive can be put to good use. It often makes sense to send in Casters or Assassins in early to deal as much additional damage as possible, and allow them to die so you can pop in with Great Mystic and wreak additional damage.

If you have only one Creature in the Graveyard that has an exceptionally powerful Single-Use move, like Seals, playing Great Mystic tactically can really produce powerful results.

Melding Edit

Great Mystic should never be evolved or melded for any reason.

Revive should be melded onto another creature ASAP. Revive can only be melded onto another 5 star creature. Remember that you will need a minimum of four extra copies of the creature you are trying to meld revive onto if you are melding on a 2X meld day. Otherwise you will need a total of 8 extra copies to gaurantee a meld without using gems. For good ideas check the Revive Carrier article. Don't be afraid to meld Revive onto a less then ideal creature if that is all you have at the moment. Any 5 star creature with Immunity, Stoneskin, Unbound, or Rebirth will be better than Great Mystic.

Creature Skills Edit

Skills Descriptions
Incinerate 5 Deals 150 - 250 Magic DMG to 3 random enemy Creatures.
Blaze 7 Inflicts "Flaming" upon all enemy Creatures, causing them to lose 140 HP after their action.
Revive Returns one of your Creatures without the Revive skill from the graveyard to play. Creatures with Revive, [S]Resurrect, and [D]Healing Breath cannot revive each other.