"Death awaits those who dare defy the dragons!"

Guardian Dragon is a 5-star Hero of the Faen faction.

Acquiring this CardEdit

Source: Event Booster, Sky Arena

Other sources are not known yet.

Hero SkillEdit

Immortal Body - Deals 500 Direct DMG to all enemy Creatures. This Hero gains 5 Rage when attacked and negates all DMG taken for 2 turns.

Hero TalentEdit

From start, the Guardian Dragon comes with Faen Stamina, Lightfoot 1, and Dumbstruck 1.

Talents can be changed or upgraded by spending Glory Points. See the Hero Talents page for more info on what the hero can learn.

Strategies & TacticsEdit

Since this hero was released very recently, there is not much known about him. However by description of this skill it seems using him will be the easiest way to beat Protean 5 Grimoire without any advanced creatures (after launching skill for the first time, Immortal Body should protect hero in a loop until win).

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