"When attacked, enemy Creatures will receive additional Direct DMG equal to 25% of their max HP. The damage sustained will not contribute to enemy Hero's Rage. This effect cannot be negated."

Despite it's confusing description, Guilt operates in a pretty straightforward fashion:

  • Guilt applies to all enemy creatures on the board when Killer Queen is played before regular Battle Phase.  It is treated as a [S] or On-Play skill.
  • It is NOT preventable by Immunity
  • Guilt remains as a debuff (able to be dispelled by Mantra) on all creatures afflicted by it, even after Killer Queen has died.
  • The Guilt Debuff is graphically represented by a dark-red Grim Reaper overlay ontop of the creature card.
  • Warlock's Prayer, Invocation, and Cleanse can remove it.
  • Upon successful physical strike any creature afflicted by Guilt will take 25% of its maximum original HP as direct damage. Creatures that deal 0 damage (as through weakness/soul swap rune/cripple) do not activate guilt. Likewise creatures who deal several instances of damage (as through sweeping blow) will take damage from guilt for each time they dealt damage that turn.

As of March 3rd, 2016, Guilt is cleared by Mantra, and is considered a useless skill in all Guild Maps.

As of May 18, 2015, Guilt can only be found on Killer Queen (obtained from Guild Map 6 or Event Booster (Mortii)).

Deck Heroes Wow… just wow… mind blowingly wow O04:53

Deck Heroes Wow… just wow… mind blowingly wow O.o

Massive Damage with two Killer Queens

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