"The gods have granted me dominion over you!"
Hanuman is a 5-star Creature of the Faen faction.

Acquiring HanumanEdit

Hanuman is generally found from Gem Bags and Faen Booster Packs, although he can also be obtained through Lucky Spin, Coupon Bags and Mazes from high level Maze Bosses or from Gold and Ultima Chests.

Hanuman Creature Shards can also be awarded in the Guild Map. Like all 5-star Creatures, you will need 50 shards to create Hanuman.

Pictures Edit

Melding Edit

There's still some debate regarding melding Hanuman, whether it's should melded or take his Disposal into another creature, it is because many people felt without Disposal Hanuman were pretty much nothing, on the other hand his Maji Shield and Holy Light was still useful for some players. But if you want Hanuman to be meld, Frost Armor is probably what you want most of the time, since Hanuman already have Maji Shield, which sort of works like Frost Armor, but for Magic attacks.

On the other hand, putting Immunity on Hanuman protects even further against magic attacks and even disposal/instakill attacks.

According to the Melding Ideas page, Stoneskin is another way to go, and thus making Hanuman totally immune to Instakill and Disposal, but not against other magic attacks.

Power ChartEdit

+30 atk/lv

+45 hp/lv

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 400 430 460 490 520 550 580 610 640 670 700 730 760 790 820 850
HP 1350 1395 1440 1485 1530 1575 1620 1665 1710 1755 1800 1845 1890 1935 1980 2025

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Hanuman's Disposal skill comes in handy in a lot of places. Don't drop this card to soon, but rather place it when there is a strong enemy, or a recycle unit on the enemy's hand that you want to take out. The only way that the enemy can protect themselves from Disposal is by having Stoneskin, Immunity, or Tenacity.

Also make sure to take a good look at the enemy's hand before placing your Hanuman. If they have several cards on hand the Disposal skill will dispose the creature with the highest wait timer on hand. So for example, if a Thalassa with a remaining wait timer of 4 is on the left of a Flame Brave with a wait timer of 2, the Thalassa will be disposed and not the Flame Brave. It is very easy to forget this rule.