"Live or die with Honour"
Harbinger is a 4-star Mortii Creature acquired primarily through a variety of high-end sources.  His base stats are that of a Fighter but he has a Skillset which transforms him into a sturdy Tank that is difficult to get rid of, especially for melee decks.  Dodge provides much needed survivability since his base HP is far lower than most Tanks, while his powerful Soul Swap ability provides him with steady healing and additional damage. Harbinger's Rebirth skill means that even after death there's a good chance he'll be back in action again.

C-good It is recommended that you hold onto this card.

Acquiring HarbingerEdit

Harbinger can be found primarily in Mazes through Gold and Ultima Chests as well as a reward from a Maze Boss from higher level mazes.

Harbinger can also be won from Lucky Spin, Gem Bags and Coupon Bags or for completing high stages in the Gauntlet.

Lastly, Harbinger can be found in Mortii Booster Packs during special events.

Skills Edit

  • Soul Swap 6
    • Deals 180 magic DMG to an enemy Creature and restores an equal amount of your Creature's HP.
  • Dodge 6
    • Creature has a 50% chance of being unharmed by physical attacks.
  • Rebirth 6
    • Has a 50% chance to return to your Hand if destroyed. Will return to your deck if your Hand is full.

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 219 243 267 291 315 339 363 387 411 435 459 573 597 621 645 669
HP 721 746 771 796 821 846 871 896 921 946 971 969 1021 1046 1071 1096

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Requires additional information.

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