"Once you've tasted blood, it's impossible to stop."

About this Card Edit

Hathor is a 5-star Neander who was released 2-13-17.

Hathor, like Ra, seems to be forming the new meta of Upgradable Creatures, joining the game with 3 new skills which can all be upgraded.

Acquiring This Card Edit

This card is available during Sky Arena.

Abilities Edit

  • Overpower 1 - Activation of this Creature's non-Melded skills cannot be negated, and damage sustained from each attack is capped at 50% of initial HP.
  • Killing Intent 1 - Increase your ATK by 10% of current ATK.  Also reduce the ATK and HP of the enemy Creature across by the same amount.
  • Power Flux 1 - During your turn, if Creature's ATK exceeds 2000, the difference between its current and initial ATK will be distributed equally between your other Creatures, then increase its current and Max HP by 20% of the difference.

Pictures Edit

Melding Ideas Edit

Hathor has Overpower which is like a symbiotic combination of Rampart and Unbound. Because of this and the fact that she has Power Flux to give her additional HP, the obvious meld idea would be Stoneskin or Immunity 10 for maximum survivability. Other potentially fun melds would be Soul Snatch or a runed Soul Swap/Shatter Soul/Life Sap to increase ATK more quickly, or the obvious Recycle/Revive on any 5-star creature with high survival skills.

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