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The Heist is an event that let's the player do PvP battles in order to win shards of certain creatures.

Rules Edit

Every time a player battles in the Heist a Scroll is consumed. Orders is basically how many times a player can make a heist. 5 scrolls are regenerated every 2 hours. A player can also buy more scrolls by spending Gems. A player can re-charge the scrolls 10 times per event with increasing value of 50+(25x[number of previous purchase). The event also allows you to edit a defensive deck that is initially composed of your the deck you are using when the event started.

When failing defense against other players one or more shards can be lost. A maximum of 5,10, or 20 shards can be lost per day.

During the event shards can also be obtained by exploration, or in Mazes, etc.

Past Heist Events Edit


December 13 2015 Kumiho , Blood Elf, Graboid, Horus
November 2015 Horned Beast, The Twins, Queen Temptress, Cyclops
October 2015 Jormungand, Blood Elf, ??, ??
October 2015 Paragon, Mythril Drone, Shinryu, Angel Prime

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