Inflicts Burn on all enemy Creatures, dealing 500 Direct DMG at the start of each turn.  This effect can be stacked up to 3 time(s).

Much like Invocation, it is worth repeating that the damage from this skill will happen before the enemy creatures get a chance to heal themselves, use skills like cleanse, or deal damage.

Hellfire Bugs Edit

There are several known bugs with this skill, some of which IGG has already stated that they will address soon in a patch:

  • Cleanse (a la Alice or Henrietta) will remove Hellfire, but it will not be cast on a creature that ONLY has Hellfire because the game doesn't see it as being removable.
  • Hellfire is listed as a Burn effect, but Sneak doesn't activate against it.
  • Warlock cannot cleanse Hellfire, but is listed as being able to remove ALL debuffs.
  • The maximum of 3 stacks of Hellfire per creature is incorrectly tied to each Flare Summoner rather than the actual skill itself. This means if you use 2 Flare Summoners, you can have 6 stacks; 3 Flare Summoners, 9 stacks; and so forth...

Confirmed that on 2-9-17 IGG patched Hellfire. It is now properly removed by Cleanse, Invocation, Mantra, Octavius' Renewal, and Warlock's Prayer. It can no longer stack more than 3 times.

Creatures with this Skill Edit

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