Summoning Edit

Some of the most popular heroes are the ones that can bring new creatures onto the field in order to assist your preexisting ones. There are three types of summoning hero skills:

  • Normal Summon
  • Reanimation
  • Cloning

Normal Summon Edit

Heroes with a standard or Normal Summon skill summon a brand new creature onto the field which cannot be normally inserted into a deck. Examples include Berserker's Boar and Dragon Rider's Dragon. These creatures start out weak, but their stats increase as you level up the hero, and they even acquire new abilities.

All of the heroes who have a Normal Summon skill are:

Reanimation Edit

Heroes with a Reanimation skill have the ability to bring creatures back to life and, once they are destroyed, completely remove them from play (so that they cannot be revived or recycled). These creatures will always be just as strong as, or stronger than the normal creature; however, they can become even more powerful if you increase the hero's skill.

So far, the only hero with a Reanimation summon skill is Armageddon.

Cloning Edit

Heroes with a Cloning skill have the ability to clone creatures that are already on the field for your use. Most people's favorite hero, Oceanus, has a Cloning summon skill.

So far, the only to heroes with a Cloning summon skill are:

Support Edit

Heroes with a Support skill are those who aid your creatures when their rage fills up. This support is normally in the form of healing, buffing ATK, or cleansing of status effects. Common heroes who fall under this category are:

Sabotage/Aggressive Edit

Heroes with this type of ability are those who somehow damage the enemy hero or creatures, or deter them from using a certain ability. These damaging or deterring effects cannot be avoided. Common heroes who fall under this category are:

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