"I'm the pride of Nile. Failure is not an option."

Horus is a 4-star creature card of the Faen faction. His Thor's Rage is capable of stunning all enemies, and you can utilize his Block to reduce incoming damage and counter it with Retaliate. Though all of his skills have good synergy, it's likely that he will be useless to players by the time they can explore for him. Therefore, Naga Mistress seems like a much better option.

Skills Edit

  • Thor's Rage 5 - Deals 125 Magic DMG to all enemy Creatures. Has 35% chance to inflict Paralysis, preventing a basic attack on their next turn.
  • Block 7 - Reduces DMG taken from physical ATK by 175
  • Retaliate 8 - After taking physical DMG, deals 160 Direct DMG back to attacker and any adjacent Creatures.

Melding Edit

Horus is best melded with Frost Armor since it optimizes his Retaliate skill. Sneak is also a decent option for him since Thor's Rage can paralyze.

Pictures Edit

Power Chart Edit

Level 0 10 15
ATK 199 409 514
HP 844 1124 1264

Strategy and Tactics Edit

Just like Flame Brave, Horus is very prone to Spiky Bits and Sharp Armor. But, combination with Flame Brave, Naga Mistress and Anathema or Venom Tyrant (or if you have Capricorn it would be much better) will give you Elemental Vapor, which is a 5 Star heroes Hydra's Skill and it can be cast every round.

+21 Attack per level, +28 HP per level

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