"Absolute power over Frost and Inferno, such is the power that I wield."

Hydra is a 5-star Hero of the Neander faction.

Acquiring this CardEdit

Event Booster, Holiday Event

Extremely hard to get, the only way to get this hero is through certain events or luck from the Hero Altar.

Also, Hydra was given to all players in the game on 4/27/2016 due to all of the bugs surrounding the Grandmaster Cup event.

Map 15 Edit

He appears as an enemy in Map 15-4.

Levels Edit

Hydra starts with 12745 HP and will gain 200 HP for every level that the player levels up.

Fun fact: Hydra is tied with Druidess for having the highest base health in the game.

Hero SkillEdit

Elemental Vapor: Deals 300 Direct DMG to all enemy Creatures and has a chance to inflict either one or more of the following statuses: Freeze, Paralysis, Burn and Poison.

Basically Thor on steroids. Not only does it deal unavoidable direct DMG, it has a chance to deal either one of four powerfull Status Effects. So a creature hit by this skill can get only Paralyze, can get Paralyze and Freeze, can get Flaming and Freeze, get all four conditions, or get nothing at all.

Unfortunately, even at level 10, his hero skill isn't too impressive. The maximum amount of damage that his skill can do is 800 to all enemy creatures, which is pretty poor for a 5 star hero.


Hydra is best used with the War Hungry + Berserk strategy for clearing Explorer's Gate dungeons.

Hero TalentsEdit

  • Neander Stamina 1
    • Activates:May be cast up to 3 times if you have more than 1 Neander Creatures in play after Round 6.
    • Talent Effect: Increases your Neander Creatures' HP and max HP by 300
  • Plague 1
    • Activates: May be cast up to 2 times if you have more than 2 Neander Creatures in play.
    • Talent Effect: Reduces all enemy Creatures HP by 125 and reduces the same amount after the next turn.
  • Firestorm 1
    • Activates: May be cast up to 3 times if the enemy has more than 2 Creatures in play.
    • Talent Effect: Inflicts "Flaming" upon all enemy Creatures. Deals 30 Direct DMG after this turn.

Talent 1 PoolEdit

Talent Name Talent Type Additional Notes & Information

Talent 2 PoolEdit

Talent 3 PoolEdit


Hydra is the 9-headed snake in Greek Mythology, the snake that Hercules killed for one of his 12 endeavors. It reproduced and duplicated it's head whenever it was cut, so Hercules had to set the cut head on fire to stop the reproducing.

In-game however, Hydra has only 4 heads.


Other than Light's hand, Druidess, Taskmistress and Odin, this is on of the heroes that you can't farm shards. You can only get this hero from Boosters, Events, and/or the Hero Altar.

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