At the start of your round, removes all negative effects and creates a shield that grants 100% HP to max HP. Shield HP is restored upon recast.

Note: This ability adds an amount of HP equal to your initial HP (The white number, ignoring runed HP).

Pre Patch 10.8 from May 25th 2017: Removes all negative effects from this creature at the start of your turn. Deals 500 Direct DMG and inflicts Burn to the enemy Creature with the highest HP, dealing 300 Direct DMG at the start of its turn. This effect stacks and cannot be removed by Creature Skills.

Activates after hero abilities but before creatures take their action. Burn effect stacks infinitely. Invocation will activate through delay, discord, mass charm, and frozen and removes very powerful spells including Wight's Death Curse.

Creatures with this Skill Edit