"A bumbling ally will kill you faster than the deadliest enemy."
Judgement is a 5-star Hero of the Faen faction.

Acquiring Judgement Edit

The easiest way to acquire Judgement is through the Tournament Mall. His shards also pop up in the Gauntlet and in high level Trials (the earliest level that I received his shards from was 80).

Hero Skill Edit

Judgement's hero skill, Earth's Embrace, is one of the strongest skills in the game, even at a low level. It heals all of your creatures for X when one of your creatures takes damage. So, if a Fafnir hits three of your creatures, then all of the creatures that you have on the field will heal for X * 3 (the variable "X" depends on what level your Judgement is. It starts out at 200).

This skill allows for your creatures to constantly heal, and thus makes him a very good hero for Guild Wars, and a good hero in general.

It is important to note that Plague does not activate Earth's Embrace.


Strategies and Tactics Edit

Feel free to add them.

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