"Give in to the inevitable, little one. You know it's hopeless."
Juggernaut is a 4-star Human Creature acquired primarily through Mazes.  His skillset is focused on Fighter, with Anger providing great Long-Game potential.  Reflect and Restoration provide additional protection and allow him to fight long beyond the average 4-star Creature.

Juggernaut has some of the highest base stats in the game, with 1867 HP at level 15, beating out War Goddess and 90% of other 5-star Creatures in terms of raw power hit points.  In Mid-Game, players should pair Juggernaut with a few support-related Creatures and the Hero Talent Ice Shell and/or Impact to maximize his survivability and let him reach his full potential.

Despite his great stats, most players will not have space for Juggernaut in late game as he is outshined by other amazing 4-star humans available.  Reflect is not suitable magic protection and he lacks any physical mitigation at all.  Lifesap adds some survivability, but even here Juggernaut is extremely weak against lockdowns and instakills.  Be cautious before using any of your good melds on Juggernaut.

Acquiring JuggernautEdit

Juggernaut is primarily rewarded in the Mazes from Gold and Ultima Boxes, as well as from Maze Bosses. He can also be found in Gem Bags, Coupon Bags, as a reward from high level Gauntlet chests or from Lucky Spins.

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 296 319 342 365 388 411 434 457 480 503 526 549 572 595 618 641
HP 997 1055 1113 1171 1229 1287 1345 1403 1461 1519 1577 1635 1693 1751 1809 1867

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Requires additional information.

Creature Skills Edit

  • Anger 4 (LV. 0)
    • Increases ATK by 40 after taking a basic attack.
  • Reflect 4 (LV. 5)
    • Reduces Magic DMG received by 20% and returns 20% plus 120 Direct DMG back to attacker.
  • Restoration 7 (LV. 10)
    • Restores 210 HP every round.

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