"The light will show me the way."

Light's Hand is a 5 star Faen hero who serves as the final boss for map 14. Her hero skill, Execution, is actually worded incorrectly. It says that it has a chance to inflict creatures with Execute, and destroy them in 3 turns, and prevent them from being revived. What the skill actually does is have a chance to inflict Execute on all enemy creatures, and if creatures who are inflicted with Execute are killed within three turns of it being inflicted, then they're removed from play completely.

In 14-11, she is level 10, so she has a 60% chance to inflict Execute on all of your creatures. Coupled with her creatures, who all can put out a ton of damage, she can easily remove your whole deck from play.

Knowing all of this, in order to beat her, you must either have some really tanky creatures, or you must kill her creatures insanely fast. Also Warlock's Prayer Hero Skill can remove her execution buff.

Pictures Edit

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