"Once you've tasted blood, it's impossible to stop. All of you are merely puppets in my scheme!"

About this Card Edit

Loki is a 5-star Human who was released 5-25-17.

Acquiring This Card Edit

This card is available from the Remove Seal area.

Abilities Edit

  • Overpower 1 - Activation of this Creature's non-Melded skills cannot be negated, and damage sustained from each attack is capped at 50% of initial HP.
  • Ghastly Apparition 1 - Clones 1 random enemy clone with 5% HP and ATK, and deal 500 Direct DMG to it. This skill has a cooldown of 2 turn(s) and cannot be used when you have more than 9 Creatures in play.
  • Malicious Ember 1 - Inflicts "Malicious Ember" on a random enemy Creature. The affected Creature deals 500 Magic DMG to itself at the end of its turn. If the affected Creature's HP falls below 5% of Max HP and is still alive at the end of its turn, remove it from play. Effect lasts for 4 rounds and cannot be stacked.

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