Lord Aldritch is a 5-star creature of the Mortii faction.

Acquiring This Card Edit

Lord Aldritch shards are currently only available as rewards for the top 10 ranking players of the Momoya Event's Bi-Hourly rewards. It is one of the tier-2 five star creatures, meaning it requires 75 shards instead of the normal 50. Unfortunately this likely means you will have to buy approximately $600-2,000 worth of gems during the Momoya Event (assuming you have 15 omni shards from Relic Chests).

After the Momoya rebuild, Lord Alrdritch still only shows up in the Bi-Hourly rewards, but is now paired up with Revive Rune Shards. Because of this they reduced the number of creature shards you will get, and people fight more competitively for first place. Unfortunately this means his price has risen to $2,600-5,000 worth of gem purchases.

Pictures Edit

Skills Edit

  • Shatter Soul 8 - Increases HP and Max HP by 160 whenever any Creature is destroyed.
  • Revive - Returns one of your Creatures without the Revive skill from Graveyard to play.
  • Mythril - Restores 20% of current Max HP every round (capped at 2000 HP). This effect can not be negated.

Power Chart Edit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 347 381 415 449 483 517 551 585 619 653 687 721 755 789 823 857
HP 1532 1583 1634 1685 1736 1787 1838 1889 1940 1991 2042 2093 2144 2195 2246 2297

34 ATK, and 51 HP per level.

Strategies and Tactics Edit

This card is extremely powerful as it already comes with the Revive skill (previously only found on Great Mystic) and the Mythril Drone's healing skill (which will activate each turn even if completely locked down). If melded with Immunity 10, this card could become enough of a tank to single-handedly revive your entire deck in all but the toughest of battles.

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